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Security and smart home that outperforms the competition in Minot, North Dakota

The Vivint Smart Home system is sophisticated, yet simple. Integrating everything from a home's heating and air conditioning systems to its locks and security alarm, Vivint puts control of your home's most important systems at your fingertips. With just the press of a button, you can change the temperature, lock a door or even see who's knocking. With our commitment to quality and service, it's not surprising that homeowners throughout Minot, North Dakota are upgrading their homes with Vivint Smart Home.

  • While not the only option, Vivint Smart Home stands above the competition in multiple ways—and is favored by many residents in Minot.
  • All components are top-of-the-line quality that will last for years—and even withstand the occasional bump from a ball being thrown indoors by kids
  • Should there ever be an issue with the system, it comes with white-glove service that includes troubleshooting and debugging by Vivint Smart Home Pros
  • Vivint's award-winning Smart Home Specialists are just a few seconds away in an emergency, so you can sleep peacefully at night regardless of whether you're home or traveling somewhere.

You don't need to take Vivint at their word, though. Just look in The App Store, and you'll see that the Vivint Smart Home app is the top-rated Smart Home app. People really do love Vivint Smart Home.

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Comfort and Security at Your Command

With the Vivint Smart Home system, you'll enjoy both comfort and security—and you won't even have to raise a finger.

During Minot's long, cold winters, the Vivint Element Thermostat will help you control your heating costs. The thermostat features climate controls that adapt to your schedule, turning on the furnace just before you get home and rolling it back to a more efficient setting when you leave for work the next day. You can even turn your home's lights on shortly before you arrive, so you don't have to choose between paying to leave them on all day and coming home to a dark house when the sun sets early in the evening.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™ and Smart Locks bring the same level of convenience to your home's security system. From your smartphone, you can see who's at the door, check whether a door's locked and answer the doorbell. There's no need to be home, or to even get up off the couch if you're watching your favorite show.

For the ultimate in smart home convenience, integrate your Vivint Smart Home system with Amazon Echo. You'll be able to control your home's thermostat, security system, entertainment center and more by just speaking. Whether you're chopping carrots or trying to manage multiple toddlers, just tell the Alexa what you'd like the system to do.

Making Smart Homes Intelligent

Vivint Smart Home takes "smart" seriously. The system doesn't just include programmable preset give the appearance of controlling your home's systems remotely. Although the system does do that, it goes well beyond mere programming. It makes a home truly intelligent, able to meet—and even adapt—to your needs. With the Vivint Smart Home system, you'll have a single system that:

  • Lets you adjust thermostats, lock and unlock doors, view cameras, and arm and disarm a security alarm from anywhere with the Vivint Smart Home App.
  • Everyone in the family can have access to the same account, and you can customize each person's controls.
  • Has a smart doorbell camera that features two-way talk, night vision, a 180-degree lens and HD resolution.
  • Only Vivint gives you such great features and takes "smart" beyond programming.

Upgrading to Vivint Smart Home in Minot, North Dakota is Very Affordable

You can all the benefits of a Vivint Smart Home for cheaper than you might think. Upgrading your Minot, North Dakota home with the Vivint Smart Home system won't cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, it'll likely be no more than what you pay for a smartphone.

The Vivint Smart Home system is available with no upfront cost. You can have all of the hardware—worth up to $1,500—professionally installed without paying a hefty upfront sum. Professional installation and service are also included.

Just as the system is easy to use, Vivint is an easy company to work with. You don't have to worry about rewiring your home, retrofitting old equipment or integrating devices. All you need to do is contact Vivint and let them know you'd like to have the Vivint Smart Home system installed in your home. They know every installation should be tailored for each specific home, and they'll send their Smart Home Pros installations team out to examine your home's needs and help you get a system that's perfect for surviving the cold winters, enjoying the sunny summers and generally keeping your home comfortable and safe.

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