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Yazoo City, Mississippi homeowners can get home security, home automation, and energy savings from Vivint Smart Home systems

Most homeowners know that unpleasant, sinking feeling that comes when you realize that you left your window unlocked or your thermostat set on high when you left for work. Once you start thinking about what might be wrong at home, you're not likely to get much done at work. Heaven forbid that you are off on vacation! A Vivint Smart Home system can take away such worries by allowing you to adjust your home entrance points and systems remotely via your smartphone.

With more than one million satisfied customers in the United States and Canada, Vivint is the leading provider of smart home systems in North America. Our fully integrated systems allow you to control your home systems and monitor your remote cameras using a variety of methods. You can use your smartphone, the Vivint Smart Hub panel, and the Amazon Echo voice control system. Peace of mind has never been easier.

You don't have to own a new home or be a millionaire to reap the many benefits of having a smart home system. For about what you pay for your mobile phone service, you and your family can have the peace of mind, comfort, energy savings, and convenience that comes with a Vivint Smart Home system.

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Home security features and benefits on the Vivint system

While the area around Yazoo City isn't known for its high crime rate, you never know when a storm or a hurricane is going to pass over Mississippi. Having a smart home system allows you to see what's going on in and around your property even when you're at work, at school, or away on vacation.

At Vivint, we understand that every family and every property has its own unique security concerns. After all, a condo owner has different needs from the owner of a multi-acre estate. That's why we customize your system to best address the areas that need monitoring on your property. Just a few of the devices we can add to your system include:

  • Smoke detectors—Our state-of-the-art detectors will alert both you and a 24/7 monitoring station if they sense any sudden increases in heat or smoke.
  • Door and window sensors—These sensors will send a message to your phone and to the monitoring state immediately if they detect a breach. These sensors can also be used to guard indoor cabinets or doors.
  • Outdoor cameras—Those back corners of your property will never be vulnerable again with our HD cameras that send 20-second video clips to your phone if motion is detected. They can even "see" in the dark via infrared technology.

We think that every homeowner and every family should have the peace of mind that comes with being able to "see" your home even when you're away. For about what you pay for your monthly cell phone service, you can have a smart home system. Haven't you waited long enough?

Vivint is the most intelligent smart home system in Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.A

As important as security is for your property and your family, this isn't the only reason to invest in a Vivint Smart Home system. For instance, while the steamy central Mississippi summers make running your air conditioning system essential, that doesn't mean you have to spend money to cool your home when you're not around. With a smart home system, you can set your cooling system to cool your home right before you're due to arrive home.

Just a few of the other benefits of a Vivint Smart Home system include:

  • Convenience—The intuitive technology in our smart home systems means that your system will adjust the temperature in your home based on what rooms you are currently occupying. Being able to adjust your systems remotely also means that you don't have to travel downstairs to set your alarm system at night or venture into another room to change the thermostat.
  • Comfort—Being able to set your cooling system to turn on before you arrive home will keep you cool and comfortable from the instant you walk through the door.
  • Energy savings—Not running your HVAC systems when you're not at home will reduce your family's carbon footprint as well as reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly electric bill.

We like to say that a Vivint Smart Home system is the most intelligent system in central Mississippi. That's because our system is not just programmable, but can actually anticipate your preferences and automatically make the necessary adjustments.

Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Yazoo City, Mississippi is easier than ever

Reaping the many benefits of a Vivint Smart Home system has never been easier. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to build a brand new home to install a smart home system. In fact, we can retrofit our system into virtually any Yazoo City home, from a mid-century ranch-style home to a traditional farmhouse to new construction.

It takes very little upfront to get started. We have the equipment and our Vivint Smart Home Pros to assist with professional installation. They assist in servicing and maintenance of your system from setup and install. That's best-of-class home automation and security devices along with professional installation.

Haven't you waited long enough to take advantage of the comfort, energy-savings, security, and convenience that comes with a smart home system? It only costs around what you pay each month for your cell phone service to put a smart home system in your home.

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