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You can get the nation's best smart home system in Billings, Montana

When most people think of the term "smart home," they focus solely on a Bluetooth device you connect to a socket and control a floor lamp in the family room with or a programmable thermostat you can adjust from your phone. What if there was a full-service, comprehensive, intelligent smart home system that offered you peace of mind in your Billings, Montana home?

Now, with the help of Vivint, you can have the best smart home system in the world in your home in Billings, Montana. The new Vivint Smart Home technology doesn't just bring you a few items you can control from your smartphone, but rather, delivers a whole-home system that is intelligent, learns more about your patterns as you use it, and provides you state-of-the-art security whether you're home or away on vacation.

With the Vivint Sky app, you can take complete control of the smart devices in your home. Your in-home touchscreen control panel allows you to see all your connected devices in one place to adjust the lights, activate your alarm system, or turn up the thermostat. When you aren't home, the Vivint Sky app for your smartphone gives you all the same power while you're on the go. Best of all, our industry-leading response times are available from the Vivint in-house security monitoring team to give you peace of mind no matter where you go.

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Billings residents get security and savings from a Vivint Smart Home

Residents of Billings, Montana are no strangers to the brutal colds of winter. If it isn't snowing, Old Man Winter's icy grip is putting a stranglehold on the region. Make no mistake, Vivint Smart Home systems can help you control your utility costs with an intelligent thermostat that learns when you want the home warmer, and when it can be cooler. But there's so much more to a Vivint Smart Home system than temperature control, including services such as:

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Door & Window Sensors

What about those Billings, Montana Snowbirds who migrate south during the winter months? Vivint can install motion detectors and outdoor cameras that are controllable through the Vivint Sky platform so you can relax on the beach through the winter without worrying about the condition of your home while you're away.

Forget about asking the neighbors to check on your home every few days, because with Vivint outdoor cameras you can do it yourself. Our HD security cameras allow you to see what's going on around your house whether you're in bed or across the country. The system provides on-demand access via Vivint Sky to 20-second clips that are triggered and recorded following activation of motion sensors. You can even see your home in the dark with our infrared technology.

The motion detectors use infrared technology as well with 90-degree look-down so that would-be intruders don't escape the eye of the system. When a motion sensor is tripped, you'll get an alert on your smartphone in the Vivint Sky app and be able to view on-demand footage to see if it was just the neighbor's dog, a pesky raccoon on the porch, or an actual intruder.

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Vivint is the Only Intelligent Smart Home System in Billings, Montana

Other systems claim to be smart home providers, but only Vivint provides truly intelligent smart home services. The term smart home is often too simply associated with programmable items. You can program a light to come on and shut off at the same time each day, but that doesn't make the system intelligent. That light isn't learning what time you actually come and go on differing days, it just turns on and off like clockwork.

A true smart home bundles all your devices together in a centralized, connected ecosystem that you can access from anywhere inside your home or around the world via Vivint Sky. The system is controllable through the in-home control panel, or via the mobile app. And with an integrated Amazon Echo device, you can include voice controls in your home.

Best of all, the Vivint Smart Home systems available in Billings, Montana provide access to the whole family. You can setup access for multiple users on the same account, but set custom rules for teenagers (such as preventing access to alarms) and establish notifications for your account so you see who accesses the controls and when.

All of this is made possible with the help of our Vivint Sky app. You can monitor your security cameras and sensors from anywhere, and view saved clips of your home security 24/7.

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Now's the time to Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home in Billings, Montana

If you're like a lot of people, you may be assuming that a Vivint Smart Home would cost thousands of dollars to install. While the assumption that a Vivint Smart Home is worth thousands of dollars, the fact is that new subscribers get free professional installation from Smart Home Pros. That means you won't have to wait a few years to recoup the purchase price of a smart home upgrade. A Vivint Smart Home provides measurable savings right from the start. When you contact Vivint today, you'll get all the following with your new Smart Home System:

  • Vivint supplies all the equipment for you.
  • Full Connectivity: We handle all the installation and integration.
  • Servicing: Vivint stands behind its systems with Vivint Smart Home Pros to handle installation, integration of third-party devices, and servicing of equipment.

You can protect your home, lower your utility bills, and enjoy truly intelligent security for as much as most people pay for a smartphone. All you need to do is contact Vivint and ask about Smart Home system installation in Billings, Montana today!

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