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Vivint can provide Missoula, Montana homeowners the latest in comfort convenience and security

Keeping an eye on your Missoula, Montana home even when you're away, has never been easier. Vivint technology has made it possible, and affordable, to do things like access your security cameras, lock your doors, activate your security system and adjust your thermostat all from your smartphone. With a Vivint system, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is safe and secure. Plus, you can save energy by lowering the temperature in the winter and raising it in the summer when you're not at home.

Vivint is the leading smart home system provider in North America, with more than one million satisfied customers. The Vivint Smart Hub is what puts the "smart" in our system. This platform uses state-of-the-art technology to adapt to your lifestyle and intuitively make adjustments as it gets more familiar with your route. The coordinating Vivint app and in-home control panel are easy to navigate and make it a cinch to make adjustments to your home’s system wherever you are.

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Home security features and benefits of the Vivint system

Have you ever been at work and wondered if you'd locked the door or been on vacation and were anxious about your home being empty while you were away? With a Vivint home system, you can say goodbye to such worries. We make it easy to check in on your home and control your door locks, window locks, HVAC systems, lights, and more. However, peace of mind is just one of the many benefits to owning a Vivint system.

Advantages to owning a smart home system:

  • Energy Savings — By giving you the ability to adjust their thermostats remotely, you don't have to pay for heat and air conditioning all day just so that your home is comfortable when you arrive. This not only helps reduce your family's carbon footprint but helps to reduce your monthly natural gas and electric bills. These savings can really add up during the heart of the cold Montana winter.
  • Remote monitoring — We can't stress enough how much anxiety you'll be able to get rid of when you can check on your home right from your smartphone, no matter where you are.
  • Convenience — With a Vivint system, you don't have to walk to the next room to adjust the home temperature or walk downstairs at night to set the security system before you go to bed. You can this and more directly from your phone.
  • Comfort — Our smartphone system makes it easy to adjust the temperature and the lighting to suit your preferences. When you carry your smartphone as you travel around the house, our Vivint app will adjust the temperature when you enter a room.

Vivint systems also offer a variety of features that you can use to customize your system. Our outdoor cameras help to keep prowlers away and can "see" even at night via infrared technology. Our motion detectors have a 90-degree look down that make it virtually impossible for intruders to pass by unnoticed. Our window and door sensors will sound and alarm, and send alerts to you and the monitoring station when a door or window is opened.

Vivint is the most intelligent smart home system in Missoula, Montana, U.S.A

While many home systems are programmable, but that’s not the same thing as "smart." Our Vivint system goes beyond simple programmability and uses intuition to "learn" your preferences over time, requiring fewer and fewer entries from you as the system learns your habits.

Just because the Montana winters can be frigid doesn't mean that you have to choose between paying heat your home all day and arriving home to a chilly house. With our Vivint Echo Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat—both options with the Vivint system—your system will automatically adjust to your routine and warm up the house just prior to your arrival. If you're going to be later than usual, you can adjust the temperature remotely from your phone. Just think about all of the things you can do with the money you'll save on your gas bill!

Upgrading to a Vivint in Missoula, Montana is easier than ever

If you've been hesitant to add a smart home system to your Missoula, Montana residence because you didn't think that you could afford it, it's time to reconsider. We can upgrade your existing home system to a smart system with very little cost. You don't have to buy a new home to enjoy the many advantages of a smart home system; we can give you the energy and time-saving benefits of a smart home system no matter when your home was built. Vivint can turn your home into a smart home for a very affordable monthly payment.

When you choose a Vivint system:

  • We provide up to $1,500 in free equipment
  • We tailor the system to meet your family's and your property's needs
  • We include professional installation and servicing at no additional cost

Don't wait to add a smart home system to your property. A Vivint system costs about the same as most family's monthly phone bill. Isn't that a small price to pay for comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind?

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