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Smart Home Security Systems for
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Vivint Smart Home leads the home security industry in Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine a world where every facet of daily living, from home entertainment to security monitoring, is right at your fingertips. With Vivint Smart Home, now you can. A pioneer in home automation solutions in Atlanta, Georgia, Vivint works with you and your family to provide a high-tech way to improve your lifestyle, your comfort, and your security. Whether you want to lower your energy costs, or the ability to monitor your property from anywhere, our comprehensive smart home services can provide the solutions you deserve at a rate that fits your budget.

At Vivint, we strive to go above and beyond industry expectations, rewarding you with high caliber products and quality assistance that ensure you always have access to the tools and support you need. Every Smart Home package comes with white-glove installation service, and industry-leading, in-house security monitoring to ensure our customers get 'round-the-clock troubleshooting, repairs, and advice. Vivint customers get the benefit of accessing all their home security and smart home controls through Vivint Sky, the most downloaded and top-rated smart home app on The App Store. With the best home security and smart home services in the Atlanta area, Vivint Smart Home is here to your in-home technology to the next level.

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What Vivint Has to Offer

Home automation and security is a rapidly-expanding market and Vivint Smart Home is always out in front of the innovation curve. Far more than just another garden-variety security system, the Vivint platform includes cutting-edge home automation packages with professional installation that saves you time, energy, and money. We can customize the right package for you that provides a full list of home automation benefits to make your life a little easier and help you sleep better at night. One phone call to our Smart Home Pros will get the ball rolling on your total smart home upgrade. With the Vivint Smart Home system you get:

  • Real-time perspective your front doorway whether on vacation, at work, or in bed for the night, Vivint's Doorbell Camera shows you who’s at your door, even if they don’t ring.
  • Monitoring of your whole property with remote security cameras and security sensors.
  • 24/7 camera recording that you can view from your smartphone or on the in-home Vivint Sky Control panel so you can always stay apprised!
  • Compatibility with Amazon Echo giving you hands-free command of your home controls, web searches, and home entertainment. When you're cooking, carrying groceries, or on the phone, your voice can do it all.
  • Energy savings in the heat of summer or the dead of winter with the Vivint Element Thermostat! With self-learning capabilities that turn on your heat or air when you're about to arrive at home, you can keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune.

Leading Intelligent Technology

Transitioning your home from run-of-the-mill to something special takes a unique approach that goes far beyond traditional security cameras and recorded footage. When you want a home that is smart as well as functional, Vivint's industry-leading technology is here to help you find your ideal solutions.

Vivint Smart Home solutions are called smart for a reason. Through new innovations and advanced techniques, Vivint's systems transition the boundary from programmable to truly intelligent, relying on sensory data and adaptability to provide an exclusive experience unique to modern homes. By utilizing a central control hub that permits all home elements to be controlled from one user interface, it's possible for any Atlanta, Georgia house to experience the true power of intelligent automation.

With the industry-leading Vivint Sky app, you and your family can stay connected to everything going on in your home. From watching, recording, and playing back security footage to setting your thermostat to kick on when the workday is almost done, Vivint's convenient resources are never further away than your fingertips.

Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home in Atlanta!

For many homeowners, the idea of a complete smart home might seem like a futuristic fantasy; something they might do little by little over time. Vivint Smart Home makes a complete home technology upgrade cheaper and easier than you might think.

When you choose Vivint Smart Home for your house, our installation teams will schedule a consultation to make recommendations that work best for your specific needs and budget. Vivint Smart Home provides all the equipment—up to a $1,500 worth—at no cost to you. Plus, our Smart Home Pros handle the entire installation and setup process. And we make sure our services fit your budget. Right now, the average Vivint Smart Home system cost about the same as a monthly smartphone subscription.

We tailor each and every one of our solutions exactly to your property, providing resources that hit the mark each and every time. When you're ready to transform your home and see just how smart your life can be, the Vivint Smart Home Pros are always here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and explore just how remarkable Vivint Smart Home can be for you!

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