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Why Biometrics is the Future of Technology

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's movement and behavior. It sounds lofty, but the technology has a highly practical purpose: It helps companies identify how they can tailor their products to improve our lives. The field of home automation and security is no exception.

Life for families today is highly dynamic. Many households have two working parents, independent children who spend a lot of time alone and people outside the family coming in and out of the home for various reasons. With access to information about trends and patterns in home life, providers can get inspired to innovate in ways that help families and truly create smarter homes.

Communicate from anywhere

Today's parents typically work full time, including during school holidays and vacations. This means their children are often home alone. Video cameras with two-way communication like Vivint Ping help parents keep an eye on their kids and communicate with them, and they allow children and teens at home to contact their parents at the office as well.

Other apps allow easy communication between mobile devices and smart home appliances. This includes communicating through the doorbell camera from anywhere, whether you're at work, shopping or on the road. Homeowners can view and communicate with their family, delivery people, housekeepers and anyone else on their property remotely.

Convenient automation

Many homeowners want to save time and feel safe in their homes, but they don't want obtrusive or unattractive gadgets. Today's video cameras, doorbell cameras and other smart devices feature beautiful designs that coordinate with home style trends, because curb appeal is important to homeowners. Wi-Fi connectivity and app coordination give homeowners the convenience of controlling their thermostats, lights, door locks, ovens, air purifiers and any other smart appliances from their smartphone or tablet.

The entertainment industry is also getting hip to home automation, allowing people to listen to audiobooks while cooking or navigate channels via voice commands. The smart home can now multitask just as well as you can, offering sources of diversion while you're doing chores or cooking dinner, making the experience more enjoyable.

Added safety measures

Biometrics is all about understanding how people actually behave. In addition to helping the technology industry by providing companies with insights into general behavioral trends, it can study how criminals operate. That means providers can innovate home safety technology to outsmart crooks and make communities more secure.

Smart home technology is constantly evolving, providing homeowners with stronger security, more entertainment, increased convenience and both time and cost savings. Biometrics is the next frontier in that development, giving providers more detail on how people actually live so they can make their products as useful as possible.

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