​​Prevent Your Pets From Triggering Motion Detectors​​

You want to protect your home with motion detectors as part of your home security system, but what about your pets? Keeping them cooped up isn't an option. At the same time, you can't let them run around free, or they might set off your motion sensors by accident. False alarms aren't good for your blood pressure, and they can hurt your wallet, as security companies may charge for false alarms.

How can you keep your furry friends and your home safe all at once? Start by checking out these simple tips.

Weigh your pet

New motion detectors are sophisticated. If you select pet-friendly or pet-immune sensors, you can program the detectors to ignore pets up to a certain size. Weigh your cat, dog, rabbit, ferret or any other pet, and program your motion sensors to track anything over their weight.

Learn their routine

Like people, pets have a routine. For instance, your cat probably likes to sleep on your head at night or sit in front of a particular window during the day. Your dog might walk to the food bowl with closed eyes, hanging out in the kitchen until you fill the bowl with dinner.

Take the time to track your pet's movements and learn how they move through and around your home. Once you map out their behaviors, you can install your motion sensors to best reflect your pets' habits.

Decide on the perfect placement

Avoid placing sensors in areas your pets constantly walk by or run past. Naturally, you can't stay away from every area, such as the front door or windows, but you should avoid anywhere your pets like to climb, including stairs and couches.

Mix it up

When personalizing your security system, you can pick and choose what works best for your unique situation. If you need security in a certain area, such as inside the home, but you don't want to deal with false alarms, why not choose a camera instead?

If you have the appropriate mobile app, you can view live footage from anywhere or watch recorded video whenever you want, allowing you to keep track of everything that's happening inside or outside your home. Best of all, you won't worry about your pets accidentally setting off any motion sensors.

Hide them

Pets are curious. If you install a sensor in an easily accessible area, a curious cat will find it and trigger it. With this in mind, tuck sensors away from curious paws, and focus on discretion when deciding where to install them.

Even if you follow these tips, your pets may still trigger your motion detectors, but that's just part of being a pet owner. However, with proper placement and planning, you can minimize these incidents and keep your family, pets and home safe.

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