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​How Speech Recognition Tech Makes Your Home More Awesome​

Have you ever seen a science-fiction movie where a character can control his or her home with voice commands like "lights," "turn on the news" or "make dinner"?

Well, maybe not the dinner part, but you get the idea. Although we don't yet have space-age artificial intelligence controlling our environment, new technologies like Amazon Echo let you use speech recognition to activate, control and command many functions in your smart home. The Echo is among the first voice-control technologies to function well enough to be used in everyday situations, and the technology is only getting better.

But, the Amazon Echo can do more than just play music or turn your lights on and off. In an integrated home automation system, voice control is an intuitive and practical way to let your system know what you need without pressing a button.

How exactly does speech recognition enhance home automation? Here are just a few of the ways.

Improves home security features

Ever been on the verge of sleep, only to find yourself wondering if you've locked the front door? With voice control, you don't have to get up and check. You can tell your system to lock the doors without having to leave your bed.

Want to see the current image on your doorbell camera? Ask for the image on your smartphone or tablet so you don't have to stop what you're doing. The same works for any camera connected to your home automation system.

You can also activate or deactivate your alarm system with a voice command instead of entering a code manually. This lets you control your alarm from wherever you are in the house without having to walk to your control panel.

Integrates seamlessly with lifestyle

Want to listen to music while you're cooking? Tell your sound system to put on your favorite playlist as you get ready to make cupcakes for the school bake sale — no flour-covered hands required.

Enjoy a blast of cool air after your morning workout? Activate your air conditioning right after you're done, so you can cool down without having to fiddle with the thermostat. Turn it back off once you're cool enough to go on with your day.

Forgot to turn off the light in your office and already deep into dinner prep in the kitchen downstairs? With speech recognition, you can shut any light off from wherever you are.

As you install more home automation features, you can connect them to Amazon Echo and have unprecedented, intuitive control over everything in your home, from your smart appliances and thermostat to your locks and security cameras.

Controls every aspect of your home

The ultimate smart home is already within reach. With voice control technology like Amazon Echo, you can set up your entire home to be controlled with simple voice commands. Home automation is already pretty neat, but being able to do it without touching a single button is even better.

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