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How a Home Monitoring System Kept a Dad in Touch

As an executive at his firm, Ken was well respected and dedicated to his company's success. He had worked his way up the corporate ladder for years and was happy to finally be where he felt he belonged to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The only downfall was that his position meant he had to travel a lot. He didn't mind traveling per se, but he did miss his family while he was away.

Home monitoring system perks

Ken, a father of two — a 16-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son — wanted to ensure his family was not only well taken care of while he was away, but that they were also safe and secure in their home. As a potential solution, he installed a home monitoring system a few years back. Although Ken enjoyed the benefits of it while he was at home, he truly began to realize the system's worth when away on business.

He was able to maintain control of his house remotely, but most importantly, home monitoring let him keep an eye on his property and ensure his family's safety.

Parenting on the road

Ken wanted his children to know he was still there for them, no matter where he might be. In fact, his monitoring setup even gave him the chance to impart some much-needed advice one night to his son.

Ken knew his family's nighttime routine, so he was surprised — and a bit worried — one night when he noticed the front door was unlocked and opened very late. Fearing the worst, he immediately called his wife.

"Everyone's fine, dear," she reassured him. "Sam went to a sleepover, but he came home early. Apparently one of the other boys was bullying him."

"Can you put him on the phone?"

Thanks to the alert he received, Ken was able to talk to his son about what happened, listen to how it had affected Sam, and give advice on how to deal with the kid who had been bullying him.

Being there for important moments

Ken was about to leave for a week-long business trip when his daughter came into his and his wife's room one afternoon. She asked to go out on a date during the week that Ken would be away. While fine with the circumstances, he didn't want to be left in the dark about the details.

Before he left for the airport that night, Ken said to his wife, "Just because I'm going to be gone doesn't mean I'm missing out on that first date! Let me know what time Ryan plans on picking Katie up."

Date night

When the night of the date arrived, Ken was ready. He sat in his hotel room and waited for Ryan to arrive. Thanks to his home monitoring system's doorbell camera, he was able to see Ryan anxiously waiting outside when the doorbell rang. He called his wife as Katie made her way downstairs.

"Tell Katie I approve. Ryan's a handsome guy!" he said jokingly.

"She's giving me the evil eye," his wife laughed back.

"Dad, you're such a creep!" Katie said playfully as she got down to the landing.

"I just want to be there for your big moment! Have fun, sweet pea!"

Resting easy

Even though he has to be away from home quite often, Ken can rest much easier knowing that he's able to be there for his family whenever they might need him. He also knows that everyone is safe and secure — all thanks to the technology at his disposal.

These days, he considers the home monitoring system to be one of the best purchases he has ever made. After all, his family's safety and well-being are more important to him than anything else.

How can home monitoring change your personal life for the better? Vivint offers solutions that work best for you and your family's specific needs.

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