Don't Miss These 4 Details When Buying Home Security

Written by: Vivint Smart Home Team

When it comes to home security, there are tons of choices. Big retailers, small online sites, and tech giants have all dipped their toes into the space. This is your home’s security we’re talking about. You should only consider the best possible systems for your lifestyle.

Your home’s security system stands between intruders and your family. That’s precisely why seeing your options before purchasing is important. Here are 4 often-overlooked details to make sure you find the right system.

1. Immediate response should be your first priority

What good is a security system if it doesn’t quickly contact the authorities? During a break-in, getting the police to your home is your top priority.

Most of the nation’s top security companies offer 24/7 monitoring services. This ensures someone is always looking out for you and your family.

Modern-day connectivity means more than just contacting the authorities. Thanks to smartphone apps, many systems even send alerts right to your mobile device. This gives you the flexibility you need to protect your home from anywhere.

2. Basic alarms only provide basic protection

There are more factors to protecting your home than simply deterring intruders. Fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide are much more prevalent than break-ins. They can also be much more dangerous.

The basic, DIY style alarm systems flooding the industry focus only on preventing burglars. A complete system is the only way to provide protection from common household hazards.

3. Focus on features you’ll actually use

When you first start looking into home security, the options can be overwhelming. Major companies offer a wide range of features to make their system seem robust. The real question is how many of those features will you actually use.

Every home is different. Every family is different. Everyone’s home security requirements are different.

Focus in on what you want and need from your security system. Make a list of priorities. Features not on that list should not sway your final decision.

4. Customer reviews provide key insight

No one knows how good a system really is better than those who use it. Home security is an important product, and many consumers take their purchase seriously.

Read customer reviews online and see if users are happy with their system.

Do they give praise to the customer service department?

Are there personal stories of actual break-ins?

Use the insight and experience of others to narrow your search. By seeing what others value, you’ll find the system designed to fit your lifestyle.

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