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Brookhaven, Mississippi homeowners trust Vivint Smart Home for alarm systems and automation

Brookhaven, Mississippi homeowners now have access to affordable and easy-to-use alarm systems and home automation technology with Vivint.If you find the mishmash of smart home products available today confusing, Vivint Smart Home has the solution. With so many parts and pieces to a smart home technology, you need a centralized hub to give you easy-to-use control over each of the pieces of your smart home alarm system. Vivint Sky is the intelligence layer of our proprietary smart home technology that helps you control all of your network communication devices in one ecosystem that is easy-to-use and even easier to understand.

Your primary interactions with Vivint Sky will come via the in-home touch panel that offers a centralized hub for all your smart home devices. However, the system is both centralized and flexible courtesy of two major additions. The Vivint Smart Home App for Android and iOS devices allows you to access your Vivint Smart Home system on the go, changing the thermostat setting or viewing camera footage from outdoor HD cameras. Second, there is the integration of voice technology with the help of Amazon Echo. Hands full in the kitchen and forgot to lock the front door? No problem with Vivint Sky. You can issue a voice command to lock the front door without having to pick up your phone or walking over to the in-home touchscreen panel. It's that simple!

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Vivint Smart Home keeps Brookhaven, Mississippi homes protected

Everyone is entitled to a break from the daily grind of life, but that vacation is no good if you're constantly worrying about what is going on in and around your home back in Brookhaven, Mississippi. With Vivint Sky and our proprietary Vivint Smart Home technology, you can go on vacation and truly relax knowing your home is safe and secure. If you don't believe us, you can hop on your mobile device and check your Vivint system from the road.

No matter what might be bothering you while you're gone, Vivint Smart Home technology can deliver the peace of mind that allows you to truly unwind:

  • Home Security—Worried about the security of your home while you're gone? Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro capture HD video and store 20-second clips on DVRs in the cloud, which you can access through Vivint Sky and watch when you want. You'll even receive push notifications on your mobile device when new images are captured.
  • Structural Safety—Concerned about a possible fire while you're away? Our Vivint Smoke Detectors are tied into the Vivint Sky ecosystem, so our award winning 24/7/365 in-house monitoring service will find out right away if smoke is detected in your home. Our photoelectric detection systems can even sense increases in the heat in your home, as well.
  • Children at Home—For those adult homeowners who left teenage or college-aged children behind for a parent's vacation, our door and window sensors can be placed on medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets, and exterior doors so you know when each one is being opened.

Vivint Smart Home is the intelligent home automation solution in Brookhaven, Mississippi

There are many imitators on the market but only one Vivint Smart Home. Lots of companies promise you smart home technology, but a lot of those devices are simply programmable. Vivint Smart Home technology isn't just programmable, it's genuinely intelligent and can learn your behaviors and patterns to adjust on its own to help save you money while keeping your home safe.

Examples of some of our intelligent features include:

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™—Ours is the world's smartest Doorbell Camera. You can see, hear, and speak to people at your door whether you're home or not. You'll receive a mobile notification each time the doorbell rings, and you can view live video of the individual before you even respond.
  • Vivint Element Thermostat—No more programming dumb thermostats that turn on and off, or increase and decrease the temps at set times. Our thermostat is the perfect blend of comfort and savings. It learns your patterns and will allow your home to warm during the day while you're at work, before turning the AC back on to cool the home before you get back from work. You don't have to program the device, it learns these patterns on its own.
  • Voice Control—Using Amazon Echo, you can even control items such as the lights and small appliances, lock the doors or arm your system with your voice. Now when you come home with arms full of grocery bags, all you need is your voice to turn on the lights.

Now's the time to Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home System

The primary reason people give for not using Vivint Smart Home technology is cost. This is done without realizing that Vivint systems are more affordable now than ever before. When you contact Vivint today, you'll get all the following with your new Smart Home System:

  • Free Equipment—Vivint supplies the equipment for you; that's a $1,500 value!
  • Full Connectivity—We handle all the installation and integration.
  • Servicing—Vivint stands behind its systems with Vivint Smart Home Pros to handle installation, integration of third-party devices, and servicing of equipment all for free.

You can protect your home, lower your utility bills, and enjoy truly intelligent security for as much as most people pay for a smartphone. And we will even offer installation by Smart Home Pros—all you need to do is contact Vivint and ask about Smart Home system installation today!

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