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Idaho homeowners look to Vivint for convenience, safety, and savings

How much time does it take to turn off your lights, lock all your doors and windows, adjust your thermostat, and activate your alarm system before you leave your house? If you're like most homeowners, you spend between 3 and ten minutes securing your home every time you head out for work, school, or even just to run a few errands. Those are minutes that quickly add up into hours, or even days, spent simply dealing with ordinary, everyday tasks.

What if you could take control of all those extra minutes and hours by transforming your Idaho home into a smart home? Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you could arm your security system, secure your doors and windows, and even lock your garage door—all with just a few quick taps on your smartphone, in-home control panel, or even using your own voice?

With an intelligent, fully integrated smart home system from Vivint, you can do all that and much, much, more. This customizable, wireless home automation system makes it easy for you to remain connected and in control of your Idaho home, from anywhere, at any time—that's why more than one million homeowners across North America have already installed a Vivint system.

At the heart of every Vivint smart home is Vivint Smart Hub, a proprietary platform that links together all of your smart home devices into an easy-to-use networked communication hub that can be controlled using a single user interface. By combining best-in-class smart home components with our industry-leading security monitoring team and our innovative control hub, we're making it easy for you to stay connected and in control of your Idaho home from anywhere, at any time.

Vivint offers the most advanced home security and alarm system in Idaho

An alarm system is an item that all homeowners in Idaho should have; especially if you want to secure your property against break-ins, fire, and flooding. With Vivint, you can keep an eye on your home, even if you're thousands of miles away, thanks to the Vivint app and all the following equipment that goes with it:

  • Vivint Water Sensor—Protects homes from harmful water damage and pipe-freezing low temperatures by sending notifications when temperatures drop or moisture levels rise beyond set parameters in or around your home.
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro—Wireless, HD security camera with infrared night vision that gives you on-demand access to 20-second video clips and sends notifications to your phone if motion is detected.
  • Vivint Motion Sensor—Infrared motion detector with 90-degree look-down to ensure nothing passes by undetected.
  • Vivint Smoke Detector—Supported by award-winning 24/7 in-house monitoring teams, our high-tech device detects smoke, plus uses photoelectric sensing to detect heat increases.
  • Vivint Security Sensor—Notifies Vivint Smart Hub whenever protected doors and windows are opened and can also be used to protect medicine cabinets, gun cabinets, or a child's bedroom.

When you install a Vivint smart home system in your home, you won't have to choose between the protection of a 24/7 security monitoring service and the independence of having complete control over your alarm—now that's smart.

Vivint is the most intelligent, most advanced smart home system in Idaho

While Vivint delivers exceptional protection for your Idaho home, it can also help you save money on your heating costs during the long, cold winters by optimizing your energy consumption.

Smart Assistant, the intelligence layer of the Vivint Smart Hub, monitors all the sensors, cameras, and other connected devices in your home over time. After a short learning period, your Vivint smart home will begin to automatically adjust to your patterns and preferences, keeping your house warm when you're home and saving you money on your heating bill when you're away. Better yet, you can control your smart home on your terms—with your smartphone, the in-home panel, or even using your voice when you pair your system with the optional Amazon Echo device.

Here are just a few of the ways that Vivint can make your home better:

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro—The world's smartest doorbell camera lets you see, hear, and speak to people at your door, even if you’re not there. You can also receive mobile notifications when the doorbell is pressed and see who is on the doorstep before answering. It's like having caller-ID for the front door.
  • Smart Locks—Our smart locks communicate wirelessly with your Vivint Smart Hub touch-screen panel and the Vivint app, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, receive notifications when someone enters your home, and manage your home’s accessibility.
  • Vivint Smart Thermostat—A smart, learning thermostat that integrates seamlessly with your Vivint system. Its simple, intelligent technology perfectly blends comfort and energy savings.
  • Voice control with Amazon Echo—Multi-tasking just got easier–all you have to do is use your voice to switch lights and small appliances on and off, arm your system, lock doors, and adjust the thermostat. Amazon Echo even plays music.
  • Remote access from the Vivint app—A top-rated app on The App Store gives you complete mobile access to your home controls so you never have to bother switching between various apps, or walk through the house flipping switches, or punching numbers into keypads.

With a smart home system from Vivint, you can spend less time managing your home, and more time enjoying your life.

Vivint gives Idaho homeowners professional installation

Right now, you can have your own Vivint system complete with home automation and security components installed in your Idaho home. Our team of Smart Home Pros will design, install and set up your home automation and alarm system for you, leaving you with a system that's simple, fun to use, and easy to live with.

Match your Gem State home with our system to protect your home, your family, and your wallet. Why spend thousands of dollars on outdated alarm equipment, complicated smart home devices, and ineffective monitoring services when you can enjoy the convenience, safety, and cost savings of a Vivint smart home system?

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