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Hosting a Great Thanksgiving Dinner With Pets

A Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family is one of the most wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday, and the Kearns love hosting every year. They invite everyone, including the second cousins and the neighbors, and create a feast with all the trimmings. They decorate their entire home to welcome their loved ones every year, ensuring everything is ready for a great holiday.

Don't let pets eat at the family table

The Kearns have a dog that they love and sometimes spoil a little too much with food from their dinner table. Unfortunately, Spot is now in the habit of expecting to eat with his family and tends to run around the table while they eat, waiting for something to drop. He's a rather large dog, and may even jump into a lap to get closer to the food.

A dog begging for turkey isn't ideal for a family Thanksgiving dinner. Even though the Kearns find everything about Spot awesome, they know they need to find a way to stop him from ruining the meal and keep everyone happy — including Spot.

See Spot run in another part of the house

The Kearns love Spot and don't want him to feel left out, so they happily set up a mini-Thanksgiving dinner for him upstairs in their son's bedroom. They set up a video surveillance camera that's part of their home security system to ensure he's happy. While their family and friends enjoy an incredible meal in the dining room, Spot plays upstairs and eats bits of turkey.

They also watch the indoor camera closely for signs that Spot is ready for his walk. A good turkey dinner tends to result in dogs wanting to go out for a bit for a bathroom break. The Kearns want to keep the guests happy, but don't want to find an unhappy dog or a carpet surprise at the end of the night. Once they see and hear Spot on the video camera app calling for some attention, their son runs upstairs to take him outside for fresh air and a walk.

Smart homeowners like the Kearns love the convenience and safety of a great home security system, and appreciate the many ways home automation makes life easier and better. There's always a way to make everything work out because the holidays are for everyone, even family pets.

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