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White Hall, Arkansas residents get peace of mind and energy savings from Vivint Smart Home

As the leading smart home provider in North America, Vivint Smart Home has over one million enthusiastic customers. Why? It's simple—living in a Vivint Smart Home provides an incredible amount of peace of mind, savings on utility bills, and the great convenience of staying connected to your home. It doesn't matter whether you're at work, on the road, or away on vacation, you can always check in with your Vivint Smart Home and see what's going on.

Every smart home has a heart, and in this case, the heart is the Vivint Sky Platform, which you can control with your smartphone, through an in-home touchpad, or by using Amazon Echo if you've got your hands full. It's important to note that intelligence is different from programmability. In a Vivint Smart Home, intelligence means that your home is capable of combining data sets from various devices and automatically making adjustments according to the routines and patterns of the various users. The Smart Assistant adapts to your lifestyle and will proactively adjust your thermostat to keep you comfortable and your home running efficiently. Combine that with Vivint's best in class components, and it's easy to see why more White Hall, Arkansas residents are choosing to make their home a Vivint Smart Home.

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Home security that goes beyond basic crime prevention

One of the reasons White Hall, Arkansas residents are flocking to the opportunity to turn their home into a Vivint Smart Home is the fantastic security and alarm systems we offer. Our security package is second to none and ensures you'll always know what's going on both inside and outside your new smart home. Here's what it includes:

  • A high definition outdoor camera capable of producing on-demand access to 20-second video clips. Even better? The moment the infrared technology detects any movement, it will send a notification directly to your smartphone.
  • Speaking of motion detecting, how about an infrared motion detector with 90-degree look down? No one's going to be able to slip through without being detected.
  • Your central alert system can connect to all of your doors and windows and let you know when one of them has been opened. We can also connect it to your medicine cabinet, if necessary.
  • Finally, you need to be safe from things inside your house, as well. That's why we offer a smoke detector with photoelectric detection technology – so it can detect both smoke and heat increases. Your smoke detector will be monitored by our award winning monitoring team.

The most Intelligent Home in White Hall, Arkansas

While security and alarms are incredibly important, your Vivint Smart Home comes packed with other features. It is a true smart home, which means it runs on a central hub through which all of your devices are bundled into a single connected ecosystem. You can control this hub through Amazon Echo, the Vivint Smart Hub panel, or the Vivint Smart Home App on your smartphone. And remember—your Vivint Smart Home isn't just programmable, it's intelligent. You won't have to tell it what to do, it will learn to adapt to your unique preferences. Here are some problems it can solve:

  • Going on vacation and need a friend to walk your dog, but worried they'll forget to lock the doors after? Through the Vivint Smart Home App, you can easily double check the locks after they've left to ensure your home remains safe.
  • Are the kids always turning up the thermostat? Give each user their own unique profile and create custom rules so your kids can't crank up the heat!
  • Have your hands full of groceries when you come home at night? Talk your way through the house by using Amazon Echo to turn on the lights for you.

It's easy to upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home in White Hall, Arkansas

Each day, more and more of your friends and neighbors are signing up to turn their home into a Vivint Smart Home. Whether it's the enhanced security systems, the increased control, or the comfort, everyone is finding a reason to upgrade their home. And the best news? Every home can be upgraded at a very affordable cost—it just takes an easy monthly payment that’s most likely the same as what you’re paying for your monthly smartphone service! When you upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home, here's what you get:

  • A team of Smart Home Pros who will fully install and connect your smart home package so you don't have to lift a finger
  • All servicing of smart home equipment included at no additional cost

So! Let's upgrade your home, and upgrade your life! Contact us to start today.

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