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For the past 10 years, Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, has compiled an annual list of companies that exemplify the best in innovation. Vivint Smart Home joins other top innovators on the list including Amazon, Google, Apple, Airbnb, Spotify and Facebook.

Why Vivint Smart Home is One of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

How to Protect Your Home From Evil Spirits

For most people, Halloween is a fun time to get dressed up, go to a few parties, and take your kids trick-or-treating.

But the history of Halloween wasn’t all fun and games — especially when it came to keeping ghosts and evil spirits at bay. In ancient European and Celtic times, people would wear disguises or masks whenever they left their homes after dark to avoid being recognized and haunted by ghosts.

They even went a step further on Halloween, leaving bowls of food outside to satisfy hungry ghosts and keep them from coming inside their homes.

The modern way to protect your home from evil spirits

Halloween traditions have evolved from terrifying to lighthearted, but the belief in the presence of ghosts or evil spirits lives on. About 65 percent of adults1 believe in supernatural phenomenon, including the presence of evil spirits.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave food on the porch anymore to keep your home ghost-free.

Although protecting homes from the occult isn’t really our area of expertise at Vivint, we have made it our business to keep homes and families safe from other foul creatures of the night — both real and imagined.

See how a smart home security system will prepare you for whatever comes your way:

Ward off zombie attacks with doorbell cameras

There’s been a lot of talk of the zombie apocalypse in recent years. While no one knows for sure when or if it will take place, you can keep a watchful eye with a Vivint Doorbell Camera. Features like night vision and a wide-angle lens will help you spot a lumbering herd of zombies approaching your home, giving you ample time to fight back, call police, or run as fast and far away as you can.

Vivint Doorbell Camera protects your front porch

Don’t feel like taking on the zombies? No problem. Your phone receives notifications when someone comes to your door – even before they ring the doorbell – allowing you to see when they come and go.

Stop Frankenstein’s monster with smart locks

Poor Frankenstein’s monster — he just wanted to fit in. When that didn’t happen, he took to terrorizing the townsfolk in a violent rampage, wreaking havoc and breaking down doors.

Vivint Smart Locks add extra security

With smart locks, you can protect against unauthorized entry from all types of monsters. The encrypted access keeps your lock secure. You can also use your app to lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

Outsmart witches with continuous home monitoring

A witch may have a book of spells and magic wand at her disposal, but a smart home security system has something far more powerful — 24/7 monitoring. In addition to notifying you if you’re not home, our Smart Home Specialists will notify police and fire departments or dispatch medical personnel to your home in the event of an emergency.

This round the clock support means you can sleep soundly, even during witching hour.

Catch werewolves transforming with indoor and outdoor cameras

Depending on where you are in the world, transforming into a werewolf can be as simple as slipping on a belt of wolfskin. In other cases, it requires a little more preparation on the part of the werewolf — they have to be sleeping outside on a Wednesday or Friday summer night with the moonlight shining directly on their face.

Vivint’s indoor and outdoor cameras can help you see werewolves transforming right before your eyes, whether indoors or by the light of the full moon. If you’re feeling particularly brave, use the Vivint Ping Camera’s two-way voice feature to speak to whoever (or whatever) happens to be in the room.

Vivint Ping Camera is an indoor camera that shows you what's happening inside your house

Outdoor cameras can help you catch whatever is going on outside of your home. With motion-activated recording you can watch live or play back — just in case you can’t believe your eyes.

Vivint Outdoor Camera keeps an eye on your property

Evil spirits can take on many different forms. With a smart home security system, you’ll be prepared to keep your home safe from whatever is lurking outside.

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