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Take Advantage of Your Fire Alarm – Read These 5 Tips

Nearly every home in America has a smoke detector and fire alarm simply for personal safety. Designed to detect the initial warning signs of fire, these simple devices are an essential protective measure against one of the largest devastations a home can face. Carrying the potential to permanently damage your property as well as harm members of your family, having an alert at the first indication of trouble can be literally lifesaving.

Vivint smoke detectors are designed to detect both smoke and rapid changes in temperature, giving you the best possible forewarning in case disaster strikes. With these five tips, you can make the most out of your fire alarms and do right by your home.

1. Place your devices strategically

There are many places throughout your home that can accommodate fire alarms, making it important to strategize. Place fire alarms throughout the home in places where fires are mostly likely to occur, such as in the laundry room and above the stove.

2. Have enough devices for your home

One smoke detector is simply not enough for a multi-level family home. If a fire starts in the basement and your fire alarm is on the second floor, you may not notice until it’s too late. Instead, install at least one smoke detector per floor to ensure that every incident is recognized as soon as possible.

3. Download the Vivint mobile app

The Vivint mobile app is an invaluable tool for protecting your home. Providing up-to-the-minute coverage on everything happening both inside and outside your house, you can always make sure you’re apprised of any issues. In addition, the Vivint mobile app can also issue email and text alerts when the status of any home device changes, ensuring you know what’s going on even if you’re away from home.

4. Check device batteries regularly

As with all electronic devices, the batteries in smoke detectors will die after prolonged use. Although some batteries claim to be long-lived, most must be changed every year or two. A fire alarm without functioning batteries will not work properly in case of a fire, leaving you and your family vulnerable when you need help most.

5. Ensure your devices are connected to the central monitoring station

Many people who install security systems don’t bother to swap out smoke detectors. Although retail devices will announce the presence of smoke appropriately, they will not notify emergency personnel or send you alerts in case of a fire. Designed to work with numerous packages, including home automation and home security, your Vivint smoke detector will notify emergency services as soon as signs of fire are detected, ensuring that you get help as soon as you need it.

Doesn’t your family deserve the best protection possible? With Vivint protection, you can always be sure your home is in good hands.