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7 Ways To Upgrade Your Smart Home in 2016

Updating your home’s automation on a regular basis is a good idea because it ensures your system is always working towards your benefit. When it comes to the 2016 smart home list of must-do upgrades, you may be surprised by how easy it can be for you to create the ideal system. What should you be doing to upgrade your this year?

Reprogram of course!

One of the first steps to take right away is to adjust your home’s heating and cooling system to meet your current needs better. You’ll want to do this by adjusting and reprogramming your heating and cooling to improve energy efficiency.

Go with HD video inside your home

Finally, know what is happening when you are not there. Learn who is in your home, how they are getting in, and what they are doing. From sitters to your teen’s friends, you can easily see what is happening with an indoor surveillance camera.

Install a doorbell video system

The doorbell camera is one of the best upgrades to your home’s automation system. Imagine being home alone and not knowing who is at the door. With this system, you do not have to do much to find out. You can also check out if it is a delivery person or someone selling something you are not interested in. Be more in control of when you have to open the door.

Upgrade your smart home with a glass break detector

One of the most common ways for people to get into your home is by breaking glass in windows or doors. With this type of detector in place, you can know right away when someone is attempting to get into your home and take important measures immediately to safeguard yourself and your family.

Upgrade to a carbon monoxide detector

If you are already benefiting from the use of a fire and smoke detector, then you can also benefit from a carbon monoxide detector. This helps to detect the odorless, tasteless gas that can put your family at risk. This is a big, important update for smart home 2015.

Add a panic pendant

Do you have a loved one that may be at risk of falling? Perhaps they live alone and cannot always get to their phone. With a panic pendant, which they can wear around their neck, they can easily and quickly get help with the push of a button no matter where they are.

Upgrade to smart locks

Ensure you can get into your home at any time with smart locks. It is a simple investment that can save you plenty of time. Have complete remote control from the convenience of your smartphone. You don’t have to leave work when someone forgets their keys!

For smart home 2015, your best bet is to upgrade any features that enhance your home’s security or functionality. Keep existing systems working while also ensuring your home has top of the line automation in place.

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