Light bulb brilliance—improving on perfection

Effortlessly connect traditional lights to your Vivint
smart home without rewiring. Just switch out your
existing bulbs with Smart Light Bulbs. They work with
your smart home to illuminate your space and provide
energy efficiency, custom automations, and intelligent
control options at home and on the go—even when
your smart switches are turned off.


Even your smart lights can help prevent crime

Use Vivint Smart Lighting to illuminate home and
protect home. Create a custom action in the Vivint app
to connect your smart lights to your security cameras,
extending Smart Deter capabilities to your lights. When
a lurker is detected, Smart Deter will trigger your Smart
Lighting in addition to the camera’s visual and audible
warnings. You get another layer of protection—and time
to take action.


Compatible Bulb Types
Standard A19, Flood BR30, recessed LED—more coming soon
Communication Type
Zigbee 3.0
Bulb Color
Tunable White
bulb temperature
Dimmable Bulbs
Bulb CRI
>90 Bulb
Luminous Flux
Up to 1100 lumens

Effortless install—switch to smart lights in a snap

No electricians or wiring required. Simply install Smart
Light Switches over existing light panels or on any wall
in your home for convenient, manual control of your
Smart Lighting. The system is so smart you can adjust
your lights using the Vivint app or a smart assistant,
even if your switches are turned off.


Unifying your smart lights and smart home

You can’t have Smart Lighting without the Smart Lighting
Bridge. This essential device connects your Smart Light
Bulbs and Smart Switches to your Vivint system through
a fast, reliable Zigbee network. You’ll get the benefits of a
smart home, like convenient control and added safety
features, without impacting your home Wi-Fi signal.

Away Lighting—smart enough to protect

Since most break-ins occur when homes are vacant,
Vivint Smart Lighting offers Away Lighting. Go into the
app to activate this automation, which uses random
lighting to mimic home occupancy at night. The smart
lighting effect gives the appearance of an occupied
home when you’re away, thwarting potential intruders.


Complete command of your smart lights

Dim your lights or turn them on and off with voice
commands, manually, or on the go with the Vivint app.
The app also functions as your lighting automation
command center where you can tap in to the power of
your smart home devices like sensors, locks, and
cameras to set lighting triggers. You can also create
custom lighting schedules and enable Away Lighting to
reinforce your home security when you’re gone.

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Smart lighting starts with smarter bulbs

You have options

Replace any light with a smart bulb, from A19 to Flood BR30 or Recessed LED.

Longer lifespan

With a 15000 hour lifespan, smart bulbs stay lit longer and need less replacing.

Energy-saving LED

LED bulbs produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

Easy integration

Level up your lighting without rewiring. Simply screw in a smart bulb.

Brilliant customizations

Enjoy better dimming capabilities and other customizations.

Convenient control

Control every bulb from the Smart Light Switch, app, Hub, or with your voice.

Tunable brightness

Dim your lamps and lights in real time by holding down on the Smart Light Switch.

Away Lighting

Set certain bulbs to turn on automatically when no one’s there.



Combine products to unlock
more benefits

Vivint app
Vivint app
Vivint smart thermostat
Smart Thermostat
Product image of Smart Lock
Smart Lock
Vivint indoor camera pro
Indoor Camera
Woman using her Vivint app


Home management
the go

Control your entire system with the Vivint app. Its intuitive navigation makes it simple to manage lighting and temperature, view live and recorded security footage, interact with visitors at your door, or lock up and arm your security system when
you are away.

Woman adjusting the temperature on her smart thermostat from Vivint.


Control the temp
with your voice

Never worry about touching the thermostat again. Vivint pairs well with your smart assistant for easy control and ultimate comfort.

Child entering code on his front door’s smart lock.


Never carry keys again

Lock up with the press of a button or right from the Vivint app. With smart locks, you can set your system to arm when you lock the door, and know who's coming and going with unique access codes.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro on shelf in kitchen


Review the day

See what happened inside your home, day or night. Watch recorded video to capture break-ins or just relive the day’s best moments.

Frequently asked smart light bulb questions

What does a Smart Light Bulb do?

The Smart Light Bulb contains built-in technology to enable smart lighting. Just replace existing traditional bulbs with Smart Bulbs. As part of a Vivint Smart Lighting system, Smart Light Bulbs communicate with your smart home through the Smart Lighting Bridge to illuminate your home and provide intelligent control options, customized automations, and energy efficiency. Smart Light Bulbs do even more:

  • They work with your sensors, locks, and cameras to set lighting triggers and automations that boost your home security.
  • Smart Light Bulbs are tunable, so you can adjust the tones from warm to cool to suit your preferences, activities, and the time of day.
  • Use Smart Light Bulbs to create customized lighting moods with schedules that automatically adapt color and brightness to match any time of day.

Learn more about Smart Light Bulbs.

Can smart light bulbs be used in any fixture?

Just like changing out a traditional light bulb, you need to make sure a Smart Light Bulb works with your lighting fixture. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if a Smart Light Bulb is the right fit:

  • Vivint offers E26 LED Smart Bulbs for standard, flood, and recessed lights.
  • Check your lighting fixture to see if it accommodates an E26 LED bulb.
  • E26 describes the base of the bulb, or contact point with the light fixture—not the shape. So choose the shape that matches your fixture.
Are Smart Light Bulbs worth it?

Definitely. As part of a Vivint Smart Lighting system, Smart Light Bulbs easily integrate with your smart home, extending its automation and security features, which means elevated convenience, safety, and peace of mind for you.

With Smart Light Bulbs, you’ll also conserve energy and save money over time. These LED bulbs last up to 10 years (25,000 hours) and use 75% less energy—translating into significant cost and energy savings over time. And since the bulbs last longer, you’ll have to replace them less often.

Read more about smart lights and bulbs.