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Leaving Town - Sitter Guides and More

Ah the holidays! They do have us hopping, don’t they? Whether they have you hopping from one holiday party to the next or jetting out of town for longer stays away from home, you’ll need to be prepared. With a little planning and some good communication, you’ll have no need to stress. Here are some printables that will help leave nothing to chance.

Pet Sitter Info

Make sure your neighbor or pet sitter has all the right information about Fido’s food and walk schedule with this Pet Sitter Information Sheet. It includes spaces for emergency information, your contact info and your pet’s schedule.

House Sitting Instructions

This printable has all the information your house sitter will need!

Babysitting Notes

Spending an evening out at a company party? Make sure the sitter has all the info s/he needs with this free printable. It even includes a section for what’s off limits. That way the sitter can just point to the list and say, sorry kids.

Mobile App

And finally, if you’re traveling and don’t have a neighbor or house sitter swinging by, check out the Vivint mobile app. It can’t water your plants or feed your dog, but it can do things like turn on the light so it looks like your home and make sure your iron is off. That’s pretty smart, yeah?