Live the American Dream—Let Vivint Do the Work

Jan 23, 2018|

If you own a home, you’ll want to watch this. But first, let’s talk home ownership.

Buying a house and the American Dream

The American Dream—it’s a real thing. And the opportunity to own a home still factors prominently into that dream. The numbers show it.

In a recent NAR survey, 87 percent of respondents stated homeownership is part of their American Dream.1 And in current research published by Ipsos, 93 percent of those surveyed agreed “home ownership is an achievement to be proud of.”2

The reality of the homeownership dream

So, if you own a home, congratulations! But let’s be realistic: Dreams and reality don’t always coincide. It’s OK to admit that sometimes home ownership just feels burdensome. The work of maintaining your home and all of the extra jobs that come along with it flies in the face of the freedom we imagine comes with owning our own home.


That dream may feel more like a nightmare at times—juggling all the jobs that homeownership demands while working your day job and if you have kids, your full-time job of parenting.

Homeownership: a series of extra jobs you didn't realize you signed up for

On any given day, owning a home may feel like an exhaustive series of additional fulltime jobs you do for free:

  • Security guard: The task of protecting your house and making sure doors and windows are locked and the home is secure may feel never-ending.
  • Supervisor: Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or you work outside the home, protecting your kids and keeping tabs on them is a non-stop job.
  • Safety Inspector: Like many homeowners, fears surrounding emergency situations like fire or dangerous carbon monoxide levels may keep you up at night.
  • House Sitter: Vacationing can be difficult when you own a home. How do you keep an eye on things while you’re gone, and what happens in case of emergency?

And that’s only the beginning.

Let’s just say that sometimes it probably feels more like your house owns you rather than the other way around.

Give yourself a break and hire Vivint

You spend so much time taking care of your home—what if your home took care of you?

Vivint smart home app
Vivint can take care of all the extra jobs of being a homeowner and free you up to do more of what you love.

Find the freedom that comes with home ownership. Fire yourself from all of those extra jobs and hire Vivint to do the work for you. It’s the easy way to protect your home and your family, eliminate a lot of that unnecessary work, and streamline your life.

Let’s be neighbors.

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Here’s what happens when you stop working for free and hand it over to Vivint:

  • Security guard no more. Your home is secure with Vivint. Using your smartphone you can monitor activity, arm your security system, or see who’s at your door whether you’re home or on the other side of the world. Motion, door and window sensors ensure you always know if someone attempts to enter your home.
  • Let Vivint supervise while you get things done: Cooking dinner, paying bills, or organizing the basement? No need to stop what you’re doing. Check on the kids without getting up. In fact, you can video chat with them while you work in the yard using your mobile device and the Vivint Indoor Camera.
  • Retire your safety inspector badge. Stop stressing about the safety of your home. With continuous video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring, you always know what’s going on whether you’re in the house, at work, or shopping for groceries. Vivint will even contact emergency services for you in the event of a break-in, fire, or other potential crisis.
  • Who needs to housesit when you have Vivint? Not at home? Not a problem. Text alerts and notifications keep you informed of activity while you’re gone. So go on that long-awaited vacation or weekend getaway! And don’t worry. If you left the garage door open on your way to the airport, close it while lying on a beach in Tahiti with your mobile device.

So give yourself a break. Put Vivint to work and start enjoying your home again.

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