The Benefits of Automated Lighting Fixtures

Remodeling a home’s lighting fixtures is a great way to update and modernize a dwelling, and an important thing to focus on if you’re building a new house. Automated lighting control is convenient, enhances security and saves money.

The amount and quality of light affects us, our moods, our ability to see, and our sleep cycles. It also indicates to anyone outside the home that someone is present inside. When we renovated our home, we turned to home automation solutions to better help us control the thing that affects the atmosphere in the home more than anything — the lighting.


When it’s time to close the book and get some rest, a lot of light can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. So can getting out of a cozy bed to turn lights off. Having a light control module to turn lamps around the house on and off from a single control can help you ease into a healthy sleep.

Our moods

During the day, we need light to help us feel awake and alert. At night, we need less light to signal to our bodies it’s soon time to doze off. An automated lighting control system that turns lights on and off on a timer is a great way to ease our bodies and minds through the day. More light can be mood elevating, and dimmer light can be relaxing or sedating, so timed lights and a dimmer work well together to set our moods.

Home security

When we travel, a lack of lighting control may indicate to others that no one’s home, and the house may appear more easily burglarized. Having lamps on a set schedule, or lamps we can check on and control with a smartphone app while away from home, are good steps toward ensuring we can return home to find everything is safe and sound.

Save money

It’s surprisingly common to enter a room, turn on the light and forget to turn it off when you leave. Lights with occupancy sensors turn on lights automatically when someone comes in, and vacancy sensors to turn off lights when no one’s in the room, which helps save money on our electrical bill. We forget, but light sensors don’t.

Personal safety

Sensors for passersby that flood the outside of our home with light, or even an automatic light or lamp that turns on at dusk and stays on until dawn, can deter intruders from singling out a home. Inside the home, having lights automatically turn on in less-traveled areas also keeps everyone safe. Family safety is a great reason to prioritize lighting control, both inside and outside the home.

Home automation is practically a necessity today, with so many benefits that range from convenience and saving time to personal safety. Light Control Modules can control lamps around the house and other small appliances. Other lights can be automated as well with sensors, dimmers and timers.

If you’re ready to really take control of the atmosphere and safety in your home, contact Vivint today for more information.

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