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Smart Home Technology Saves You Money While Improving Your Comfort and Security

Anyone living in Riverside, California knows that energy bills are high, especially during the hot summer months when air conditioning and refrigeration can nearly double an energy bill. Of course you can simply choose not to use your air conditioning, but that can make your home unbearably hot. Vivint smart home technology is an ideal way to lower energy costs while still keeping your house cool and pleasant.

A Vivint smart home uses adaptive, intelligent technology to create a home ecosystem that conforms to your specific needs and desires. More than just a programmed device, a Vivint smart home learns and improves on its own, to constantly improve your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home. By allowing communication between multiple sensors and HVAC devices, a Vivint smart home will turn off or lower AC while you are out of your home, when the temperature drops, or when certain rooms are not in use.

It is that adaptability and intelligence that sets a Vivint smart home apart from the competition and makes Vivint the most trusted smart home provider in the United States. Best of all, Vivint smart homes are incredibly user friendly. All smart systems and devices can be controlled via the Vivint Smart Hub panel or using the Vivint Sky app on your smartphone or tablet. This central control scheme, combined with predictive and responsive automation, allows you to enjoy better security, energy efficiency, and comfort every day of your life.

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Vivint Security Protects Riverside Families

An intruder tries to creep into your home in the middle of the night. The sound of the window opening alerts your dog, which barks, scaring away the intruder. Vivint security acts a bit like that, but so much better.

In the same situation, your Vivint Smart Home security system would react much more promptly and efficiently. Motion sensors on your property would alert your Vivint smart home to a possible intrusion and it would automatically lock all the windows and doors that weren't already locked. If the intruder continued to try to force open a window, sensors on the windows would detect that and send an immediate alarm to you and to a 24-hour response team. Additionally, outdoor cameras would be collecting real time and recorded video of the intruder, both to provide up-to-minute updates and for the police to identify later.

Even with all this security, it is possible the intruder will break into your home, but if it does happen, you will be aware and able to respond in a way that keeps your family safe and you will know that a world class response team is providing assistance immediately.

Smart Home Features You Can't Live Without

You've already read about how a smart home can conserve energy through proper air conditioning management, but that is only one advantage of a Vivint smart home. Vivint smart homes also offer the following potential benefits:

  • Energy savings with light management
  • Voice controlled appliances via Amazon Echo
  • Remote access and monitoring through the Vivint Sky app
  • Garage door control from anywhere
  • Parental controls on electronics and cabinets

These are just some of the features that help make your life more organized and more comfortable when you have a Vivint smart home.

What really makes a Vivint smart home unique, though, is its ability to adapt to multiple profiles. If there are five different people living in your home, it can respond appropriately to each of those people. This means that your room will a lovely 78 degrees while your child who likes things a little warmer will enjoy 86 degrees. And that temperature can follow you around the house during your daily activities. Similarly, the smart television in your child's room will turn off at the 9 p.m. curfew and not turn on again until 7 a.m.

Upgrade Your Riverside, California Home at a Cost That Seems Too Good to be True

Imagine for a moment that you were about to get all of the following:

  • Professional installation that doesn't interfere with your schedule
  • Integration of all smart devices into a single network, including previously owned third party devices

How much would you expect to pay for all of this? If your answer was absolutely nothing, you would be correct. Vivint is so confident in the quality of its smart home product that it offers complete installation of all equipment absolutely free. There is no catch or unexpected charge. If you want to upgrade your Riverside, California home to a Vivint smart home, the initial installation will be free. The only money you will ever spend on your Vivint smart home is your monthly service charge, which costs roughly the same amount as the monthly fee for smart phone service. That is a nearly incomparable deal for the most trusted smart home service in the United States.

If that sounds like a deal that you simply can't pass up, don't wait another minute to schedule your installation. Contact Vivint today to lower your energy bills while greatly increasing your comfort and security.

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