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Lindon, Utah homeowners can get a Vivint Smart Home for convenience, safety, and savings

Ever think about how long it takes you to set your alarm system, adjust your thermostat, and lock all your doors each time you leave your home in Lindon, Utah? Wouldn't it be great if you could do all that, and much, much, more - with just a few quick taps on your smartphone, an in-home touch-screen panel, or even the power of your own voice?

With a Vivint Smart Home system, you can. The Vivint Smart Home Cloud is an innovative, fully-networked home automation and security system that's designed to simplify your life, make your home more secure, and help you save on your home heating and cooling costs. Unlike many other smart home systems that require complex programming and multiple user accounts for different devices, every system is backed by the Vivint Smart Home Cloud platform — an intelligent, fully-networked communication ecosystem that seamlessly bundles together all of your security cameras, smart locks, motion sensors and connected appliances into a single, simple to use interface.

At the heart of the Vivint Smart Home Cloud is Vivint Sky, the intelligent assistant feature that's designed to help you live more, and manage less. After all, isn't that what home automation is supposed to do?

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Vivint Smart Home gives you the most advanced, innovative security solutions for your Lindon, Utah home

When it comes to alarm systems for your home, you used to have two basic choices—either sign a contract with a monitoring company and hope that they'll keep you, and your family, protected; or install a complex do-it-yourself system that worked great—as long as you were home to respond to an alarm.

Thanks to the Vivint Smart Home Cloud system, homeowners in Lindon, Utah can now have the security of an advanced, wireless alarm system that's monitored by a 24/7 security team combined with the independence and control of a user interface that delivers real-time notifications and alerts directly to any smartphone or data-enabled mobile device. Here are just a few of the innovative security features and high-quality home protection devices you can get:

  • Flood/Freeze Sensor—Protects homes from harmful water damage and pipe-freezing low temperatures by sending notifications when temperatures drop or moisture levels rise beyond set parameters in or around your home.
  • Outdoor Camera—Wireless, HD security camera with infrared night vision that gives you on-demand access to 20-second video clips and sends notifications to your phone if motion is detected.
  • Motion Detector—Infrared motion detector with 90-degree look-down to ensure nothing passes by undetected.
  • Smoke Detector—Supported by award-winning 24/7/365 in-house monitoring teams, our high-tech device detects smoke, plus uses photoelectric sensing to detect heat increases.
  • Door & Window Sensors—Notifies Vivint Sky whenever protected doors and windows are opened and can also be used to protect medicine cabinets, gun cabinets, or a child's bedroom.

When you choose our security and automation system, you'll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you're always connected and in control of your home.

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Vivint Smart Home understands the term ‘smart home’ implies intelligence not just remote controls

Thanks to the Vivint Smart Home mobile phone app, you can enjoy full access to all of the connected devices in your home from your favorite recliner, the backyard, or anywhere else you can access the Internet. Don't like coming home to a cold house? Sky, the built-in artificial intelligence feature, learns to auto-adjust your thermostat for you. By tracking your patterns and preferences, and by using real-time input from your in-home sensors, Sky will set your Smart Thermostat to a comfortable temperature when you're home, and help save money on your energy bills adjusting your home climate when you're away.

Want to multi-task? No problem—simply add the optional Amazon Echo voice controller to your Vivint Smart Home system to enjoy hands-free access to all of your smart home devices using your voice while inside your home. Just imagine being able to adjust the thermostat, or dim the lights while your hands stay busy cooking, or reading a book!

And if you've ever missed a delivery, had trouble with your kids losing their house keys, or wondered how to give your dog sitter access to your home at a specific time, you'll love the Vivint Doorbell Camera. Like having a visual caller ID feature for your home, The Vivint Doorbell Camera allows you to see, and speak with guests at your front door through your in-home control panel or the Vivint Smart Home mobile app. When paired with a smart lock, you can let friends, family members, contractors and other guests into your home—all without handing out the keys.

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Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Lindon, Utah is Easier Than Ever

With over 1 million customers and counting, Vivint Smart Home is the leading smart home provider in North America, and right now, qualified homeowners in Lindon, Utah can get the best smart home system on the market for less than $2 a day, professional installation, and a custom consultation.

Vivint Smart Home Pros will come to your home and install a complete, customized alarm and home automation system that's safe, secure, and dependable—that means there's no ugly wires to trip over, gaping holes in your walls, or worries about compatibility issues.

With our security and automation systems, you and your family can enjoy the convenience, safety, and cost savings that come with having the most advanced, intuitive and intelligent smart home system on the market today at your fingertips - chances are good you’re spending more than that on your daily coffee or smartphone bill.

So if you've been waiting for the 'perfect' smart home system to arrive in Lindon, Utah, your wait for control, safety and protection is over—Vivint Smart Home is here.

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