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For the past 10 years, Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, has compiled an annual list of companies that exemplify the best in innovation. Vivint Smart Home joins other top innovators on the list including Amazon, Google, Apple, Airbnb, Spotify and Facebook.

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Vivint Smart Home brings convenience, security, and energy savings to Lehi, Utah homeowners

How much time do you spend every day arming and disarming your alarm system, adjusting your thermostat, or simply turning the lights inside you house on and off? What if you could reclaim that lost time while enjoying improved security and peace-of-mind in your Lehi, Utah home? With Vivint Smart Home, you can without complex programming, high installation costs, or ugly wires criss-crossing your ceilings.

Vivint Smart Home offers an innovative, intelligent home automation and security alarm system makes it easy for homeowners like you to enjoy the cost-savings of an advanced energy management system, the convenience of remote control over your lights and appliances, and the safety of a high-tech home security system that's monitored around-the-clock by the Vivint Smart Home in-house security team. Powered by the class-leading Vivint Smart Home Cloud platform, Vivint Smart Home lets you stay connected and in-control of your home from virtually anywhere through the mobile-friendly Vivint Sky app.

Since all of the Vivint Smart Home components are seamlessly linked through a secure, networked communication system, you can control all of your Smart Locks, HD security cameras and connected devices through a simple, intuitive user interface that's accessible through your smartphone, in-house control panel, or via the optional Amazon Echo voice controller.

More than 1 million customers have already discovered why Vivint Smart Home is the leading smart home services provider in the U.S. So, what are you waiting for?

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Home security from Vivint Smart Home helps Lehi residents protect what matters most

If you've ever experienced that feeling of dread that comes with realizing you forgot to close the garage door, didn't arm your alarm system, or can’t remember locking your house, you'll love the fact that Vivint Smart Home system lets you secure your home with just a few click taps on your mobile device. That's right—Vivint Smart Home makes it easy to arm and disarm your security system, open and close your garage, and even lock and unlock your front door through your own Vivint Sky app. Here's just a few of the impressive security features of the Vivint Smart Home system:

  • Flood/Freeze Sensor—Protects homes from harmful water damage and pipe-freezing low temperatures by sending notifications when temperatures drop or moisture levels rise beyond set parameters in or around your home.
  • Outdoor Camera—Wireless, HD security camera with infrared night vision that gives you on-demand access to 20-second video clips and sends notifications to your phone if motion is detected.
  • Motion Detector—Infrared motion detector with 90-degree look-down to ensure nothing passes by undetected.
  • Smoke Detector—Supported by award-winning 24/7/365 in-house monitoring teams, our high-tech device detects smoke, plus uses photoelectric sensing to detect heat increases.
  • Door & Window Sensors—Notifies Vivint Sky whenever protected doors and windows are opened and can also be used to protect medicine cabinets, gun cabinets, or a child's bedroom.

And thanks to the fact that all the components in Vivint's alarm systems are wireless, it's easy to install multiple sensors and cameras throughout your Lehi, Utah home.

Vivint Smart Home offers the most intelligent home automation system in Lehi, Utah

Here at Vivint, we believe that a true smart home should be simple to use, intelligent, and enhance the day-to-day lives of homeowners. That's why we've worked hard to create smart home systems that go beyond traditional home automation systems. The smart assistant feature, called Sky, creates an intelligence layer in the Vivint Smart Home Cloud platform, and when you connect it with your Vivint Smart Thermostat, your personalized Smart Assistant will help keep your Lehi, Utah home comfortable while saving you money on your energy bills. By integrating real-time data from your in-home sensors, Sky learns to adjust your thermostat to the temperature you prefer when you're at home while dialing back energy consumption when you're away—all without any complex programming by you, the homeowner.

And because you can't always jump up to answer the door, we've created the world’s best doorbell camera to complement the world’s most intelligent home automation system. More useful than a regular doorbell, more subtle than a security camera, Vivint Doorbell Camera gives you the power to see and speak with visitors at your door from anywhere through the Vivint Smart Home app. With a Vivint Smart Home system, you'll spend less time managing your home, and more time enjoying your life.

The Vivint Smart Home service model makes it easy for Lehi, Utah residents to upgrade

If you've always wanted to upgrade to a smart home system, but worried that it would be too expensive, too complicated, or simply not practical in your existing home, you'll love the fact that the Vivint Smart Home service model makes it affordable and hassle-free for Lehi, Utah homeowners to upgrade all at once.

When you call for a free custom consultation, Vivint Smart Home Pros will help you design, the best smart home system for your needs. Plus, they provide free professional installation, so you don’t have to hassle with rewiring, remodeling, or troubleshooting your system by yourself. That's right—you can get an intelligent smart home automation and security alarm system installed for free, and ongoing costs average less than $2 per day. Call now to learn more about how you can enjoy the convenience, safety, and cost savings of your own intelligent Vivint system in your Lehi, Utah home.

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