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Smart Home Security Systems for
Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio homeowners can upgrade to smart home technology right now

What makes you get up and go every day? Is it your family, your pets, or your passion? Do you value the ability to leave your home without spending your time away worrying? With Vivint Smart Home, you can protect what you love the most and discover what it's like to live in a smart home with award-winning technology. As a Columbus, Ohio homeowner, you can join the ranks of more than a million Vivint customers who already enjoy the benefits of home automation and security. And you can do it without breaking the bank. Our automation and security system helps you optimize utility use, protect your property, and gain peace of mind by upgrading to Vivint Smart Home.

Vivint Smart Home systems are controlled through the Vivint Sky platform. Vivint Sky is the central control hub for our system. As opposed to programming a traditional alarm system, you're able to adjust settings in your home, answer the door, view video cameras, and even remotely shut the garage door using Vivint Sky whether you're at home or away. Vivint's components sense, process, and communicate information to Vivint Sky creating and intelligent system that works for you 24/7/365. With Vivint Sky, you can control your smart home setup on the SkyControl touch-screen pad, the Vivint Sky mobile app, or via voice command with Amazon Echo

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You can get an award-winning home security system with Vivint Smart Home

Unlike other alarm systems Columbus residents are accustomed to, Vivint goes beyond traditional programmability to offer a unique approach to home security. Whether you live in Columbus, Ohio or in a suburban neighborhood nearby, each package is customized with components designed to address your individual needs. Popular options available now include:

  • Door and window sensor. Get immediate alerts when a door or window is opened with portable sensors. You can also use these to monitor, control and protect other points of access in your home, like medicine cabinets.
  • Outdoor HD camera with 180 degree view. Whether you're in bed, enjoying a night out, or vacationing halfway around the world, you can always see who's at the door day or night and answer it using a combination of high quality outdoor cameras and Vivint Sky's two-way communication.
  • Smoke detector. Equipped with photoelectric detection technology and an 85 decibel siren, the Vivint smoke detector alerts you and Vivint's professional monitoring team to increases in heat sooner than a traditional smoke detector.
  • Motion sensors. Place 90 degree lookdown motion sensors outdoors or in any room of your home to keep tabs on your property's activity while your home is in "away" mode. Have fur babies at home? Our motion sensors don't react to pets up to 55lbs and are designed to be tamper resistant.

Feel confident in your home's security whether you're sleeping at night or away for weeks at a time with our 24/7 monitoring.

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Vivint Offers the Most Intelligent Smart Home Solution in Columbus, Ohio

Security is important, but we take home life a step further with built-in intelligence. Whether your secondary goal is optimizing the use of your home's features or reducing your utility expenses, our components are designed to make your life easier through award-winning technology. Features offered by Vivint Smart Home include:

  • Vivint Element™ Thermostat. With Vivint Element™ reducing energy costs doesn’t mean sacrificing winter warmth. Vivint Element Thermostat learns your routines and auto-adjusts to save energy while you’re away while keeping you comfortable when you’re home.
  • Vivint Smart Locks. Did you leave home in a hurry to watch Ohio State play at the Shoe and forget to lock the doors? Use your Vivint Sky app to lock the doors remotely.
  • Amazon Echo voice control. With voice control, life just got easier with a simple command. Whether you're trying to bring in groceries and don't want to fiddle with keys or need to lock the doors, shut off lights, and arm your home before going to bed, all you have to do is say one sentence.

Vivint Playback. Keep important or funny videos from your home within the cloud for up to 30 days without burdening wireless networks by upgrading to Vivint Playback.

Once you know what it's like to live in a Vivint Smart Home, you'll never go back to traditional living again. Discover how simple it is to upgrade your home today.

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Upgrading Your Columbus Home to a Vivint Smart Home is Easier than Ever

The future of home living is available today. Now more affordable than ever before, upgrading to a smart home system with Vivint is as simple as signing up. Worried about installation? Don't be. Vivint Smart Home Pros understand many homeowners cringe at the idea of spending hours retrofitting and rewiring existing hardware, which is why professional installation is available for all packages. Vivint worries about the details for you; all you have to do is begin using your system once installation is complete.

Whether you need to integrate every aspect of your home into a smart home or simply want to upgrade your security system, our automation and security packages are uniquely customized to meet your needs. If at any time in the future you want additional services, simply contact Vivint for a quote on an upgrade. For about the price most people spend on a smartphone, you can experience the difference of living in a Vivint Smart Home while enjoying priceless peace of mind. Get best-in-class security and industry-leading intelligence by upgrading to Vivint Smart Home in Columbus, Ohio today.

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