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The Latest Smart Home technology for Akron, Ohio homeowners comes from Vivint Smart Home

When it comes to smart home technology, you have a choice between the other guys and Vivint Smart Home. The other guys make a lot of promises to save you money and make your life easier, but only Vivint Smart Home technology delivers an intelligent smart home system that is centrally controlled and easy to understand. A home security system is only as good as the measure of control you have over its operation. With outdated home security systems, you have zero visibility when you're away and have to scramble to some keypad in the center of the house to arm and disarm your system.

The Vivint Smart Hub is changing all of that by making home security and monitoring easier and more intuitive to use. More than a million customers in North America trust Vivint Smart Home to keep them safe, and you can too.

All Vivint Smart Home technology is centrally controlled through the Vivint Smart Hub, which is a flexible platform that puts control over all your networked devices on one touchscreen control panel in the home, and in your pocket wherever you go on the Vivint Sky app. The key to Vivint Sky is that it is not just smart home technology, its intelligent technology that senses, processes, and communicates wirelessly.

With Vivint Sky you can take full control over your home's smart technology:

  • Our intelligent system bundles and links all smart home components together in a network communication ecosystem that is controlled through one interface.
  • System can be controlled through the in-home Vivint Smart Hub panel, Vivint Smart Home App, or even through voice commands on Amazon Echo.
  • Smart Assistant helps your home adapt to your lifestyle and proactively adjust items such as the thermostat, keeping you cool during the summer while saving energy and money.

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Why Vivint Smart Home Systems are the Ultimate Solution

Vivint gives you the power to keep an eye on your home from wherever you may be, whether that's across town or around the world. The Vivint Smart Hub puts the power of Vivint security in your hands and makes it easy to keep your home secure no matter the conditions.

When you opt for Vivint Smart Home alarm systems, you get all the following features to protect your home:

  • Outdoor cameras capture HD video and store it in 20-second clips in the cloud. You can access these clips on demand through Vivint Sky on your mobile device. When the motion sensors capture movement on the camera, you receive a notification and can access clips instantly.
  • Motion detectors use infrared technology to capture 90-degree lookdowns to ensure there is no way around our systems for an intruder.
  • Smoke detectors can be linked into the Vivint Smart Home alarm system and monitored via Vivint Sky from anywhere. Built-in photoelectric detection technology recognizes changes in the heat in your home as well, and alerts our 24/7/365 monitoring teams to any discrepancies.
  • Door and window sensors can be installed on major entry points as well as sensitive cabinets inside the home. Push notifications get sent out anytime a sensor is tripped so you can keep an eye on your home and your family, whether you're home or not.

Vivint is the Leading Intelligent Home System for Akron, Ohio

One of the chief benefits of smart home technology isn't just an alarm system that keeps you safe, but a truly intelligent system that can learn your habits and help you save money. Ohio weather can fluctuate throughout the year, with intense heat in the summer and bitter cold in the winter, but it does fluctuate enough to potentially cost you hundreds each year in wasted AC and gas for heating.

With Vivint Smart Home technology, you can install our Vivint Element Thermostat. Not just a programmable thermostat, our technology is actually intelligent. It will learn your habits and help blend a comfortable environment inside your home with real savings on utilities. As the temperatures in Ohio fluctuate throughout the spring and fall months, your Vivint Element Thermostat will adjust to keep your home cooler during the day and warmer at night, so the temperatures are right when people are home, and you avoid wasted energy and money during the day when no one is around.

You'll enjoy remote access to all of this courtesy of the Vivint Sky app. If the kids get off school early or you leave work early on a Friday, you won't have to come home to a warm house. Simple hop on your app and tell Element to turn the AC on to start cooling the home so you are comfortable on a spring afternoon.

Now's the time to Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home in Akron, Ohio

The primary reason people give for not using Vivint Smart Home technology is cost. This is done without realizing that upgrading to a complete Vivint Smart Home system is cheaper and easier than most people expect. When you contact Vivint today, you'll get all the following with your new Smart Home System:

  • No Upfront Costs—Vivint supplies all the equipment for you; that's a $1,500 value!
  • Full Connectivity—We handle all the installation and integration.
  • Servicing—Vivint stands behind its systems with Vivint Smart Home Pros to handle installation, integration of third-party devices, and servicing of equipment.

You can protect your home, lower your utility bills, and enjoy truly intelligent security for as much as most people pay for a smartphone. All you need to do is contact Vivint and ask about Smart Home system installation in Akron, Ohio today!

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