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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Reviews: See What People Are Saying

90% of consumers in America like to read online reviews before making purchases. So if you’re in the market for a security camera, you’ll likely want to check out security camera reviews from both real users and publishers. Their insights can provide a valuable look at whether or not the camera has met their expectations. 

That's why we've compiled these reviews for the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro. Our latest outdoor camera provides clearly smarter protection, making it a favorite of consumers and reviewers everywhere. 

About the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a standout security camera that not only provides clear surveillance imagery, but identifies lurkers on your property and helps deter them. 

Here are a few reasons to consider the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro when looking for a new security system or camera: 

  • Smart Sentry. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the only outdoor security camera on the market with Smart Sentry, an AI-powered feature that identifies lurkers on your property and then lets them know they've been spotted. When a lurker is detected, the camera lights up its LED light ring red and plays a loud warning sound to let them know they've been spotted.
  • HD and wide angle viewing. A security camera is only as good as its picture, and the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro offers a 4k HDR sensor that delivers live and recorded video in 1080p resolution. It even maintains clarity when you zoom in, so you can catch important details. Its wide-angle lens also provides a better viewing area for a more complete picture of what’s going on.
  • Motion detection auto-recording.  The camera auto-records any time it senses motion, so you can go back and review 30-second recorded clips at your convenience. 
  • Night vision. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro works around the clock to provide you with clear footage, even at night, thanks to infrared LED night vision. 
  • Smart home app notifications. You'll always be in the know with the Vivint app. Set custom notifications so you'll know anytime the camera catches movement around your home. 

In addition to the wide range of features, you don't have to be a tech expert to get your camera up and running. Vivint provides professional installation to ensure your camera is positioned properly for the best reception and viewing.

What customers are saying about the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

With an array of smart features, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a standout security camera that can provide valuable protection and peace of mind for homeowners everywhere. 

But you don't have to take our word for it. Read these online reviews from real users to find out why.

Crime prevention 

As the following users attest, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro serves as an important security feature in a home, even helping law enforcement catch potential intruders:

"[Vivint] installed my system this past summer. Three to four days before that, my car was broken into with no video of the intruder from my previous system. I now have 2 Vivint cameras, and the videos are great. Two weeks [after they were installed], the intruder come back again now I have a video for the police department." - Mary 

"Our home was broken into prior to getting Vivint. We got the system and caught on the back door camera at 2:15 am someone trying to get in again. I am so satisfied with the quality of the camera and the comfort it gives us when we are home asleep and away working! Excellent choice!" - Chantress T.

"The indoor and outdoor cameras not only give us peace of mind when we are away but they also recently helped us prevent a home burglary. I have been recommending Vivint to my friends since." - Agata C., Columbia, SC

Let’s be neighbors.

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Easy accessibility 

Customers also love the ability to access live or recorded footage from anywhere. It allows customers to see what's going on around their home, whether they are home or away.

"Vivint's system and technology is up to par with the best of them. I can control my alarm system from anywhere–even my phone–and I can view my cameras too. The system also has a digital 30-day continuous recording which makes it easy for me to keep and manage. All in all, the system is great." - Dean W., McDonough, GA

"It has been a great stress relief to have Vivint installed in our home. [We have] constant live camera access in the front and back, and the security team is always quick to respond. From installation through the first year of service it has been an amazing experience for us. So affordable too!" - John

vivint outdoor camera pro
With a Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere.

Added peace of mind

For many customers, knowing their outdoor camera is keeping an eye on their home is enough to help them feel safer and more secure.

"I love my system. I have cameras everywhere I need them, including a sensor on my storage shed, so my entire home inside and outside is protected. I would recommend this system to everyone." - Shirley L., Dallas, TX

"After installing Vivint Security cameras in our home, we feel more secure. We added two additional outside cameras that I didn't have with my previous provider with less the cost. We later plan to add more options to our home. We are completely satisfied with Vivint." - Gary O.


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What publishers are saying about the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint and the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro have long been a favorite of tech websites and security system experts. Keep reading to see why.

The "Best full-service home and automation solution"

U.S. News and World Report recently named Vivint the “Best full-service home and automation solution” on the market. The review and recommendations are “based on an assessment of what matters to consumers, experts, and the community of professional reviewers [and] convey what’s most important about a home security system based on an unbiased evaluation of products commonly in the consideration set.”

Using that criteria, their review stated:

“Vivint is a feature-rich, wireless home security system that is professionally installed after an optional free home consultation. Vivint is a complete home tech solution. The company has an extensive list of tightly integrated equipment, plus its emphasis on an entire smart home provides devices like cameras, door locks and thermostats that are integrated and managed via the control panel or the Vivint app app.”

They also praise the “excellent selection of cameras, including Vivint’s narrow doorbell camera that looks like a regular doorbell, and continuous recording of video.”

"Vivint makes the best home security system"

Tom’s Guide, a well-known online source for product reviews and comparisons in the tech industry, recently reviewed Vivint, saying the following:

“After researching a number of services, we’ve concluded that Vivint makes the best home security system as it's the most sophisticated and customizable systems on offer. It offers a huge range of features, from the standard motion and entry sensors to indoor and outdoor cameras, plus video doorbell and extensive integration with smart home systems.”

vivint smart home sign
With a complete security system from Vivint, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected 24/7.

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