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​How Does Home Automation Help You Unwind?​

Between career pressures, commuting nightmares and busy lives, the home should be a place of sanctuary to unwind and relax. Home automation is a fantastic tool to ensure those precious moments are hassle-free after you walk in the front door.

Sitting still

Even if you switch off worrying about work, it can be tough to kick back on the sofa and clear your mind. You can get caught up in an endless cycle of remembering little jobs that need to be completed and then taking care of them. Home automation systems cover everything from security to lighting and heating to entertainment. This reduces the number of tasks you'll think about and then go and fiddle with devices. Even better, if there's something you need to change, do it with a dedicated control panel or a mobile device app.

Just how you like it

Home automation isn't just about controlling devices — it's about smarter integration. Common tasks can work in harmony, so your interaction with the system is minimized. Imagine driving home and having the garage door open without needing to get out of the car. Then, the front door unlocks automatically, before you walk into a house where lights come on immediately. After that, the heating or air conditioning is switched to your preferred setting and the audio system comes on with a track from your favorite playlist. With home automation, it's all a reality.

Technology as a way to cut stress might seem like a contradiction. You may spend all day hunched over a computer, dealing with phone calls and trying to keep up with seemingly never-ending messages and emails. It's easy to feel under attack and left wishing you never saw another screen again. A well-designed home automation system doesn't have those problems. Rather than barrage you with notifications or expect you to deal with complicated menus, the better systems are intuitive and have a "set it and forget it" quality so you don't need to worry about it. Soon, you'll have plenty of time for some much-needed R&R.

Choosing the right home automation system can be the ultimate stress-buster. Contact the experts at Vivint today to find out which devices and packages are right for you.