Does Alarm Monitoring Make a Difference?

Your home should be a haven of safety and comfort. While you might think you, your family, and your property are safely secured, an unmonitored alarm system offers a simple warning – nothing more.

Monitored alarm systems, in contrast, provide an additional, remote layer of protection for a variety of emergency events. Discover the benefits of alarm monitoring before you choose an alarm system.

Is Alarm Monitoring Important?

If a fire, breach of entry, or crime occurred at your residence, how would you know? What would the process of identifying the culprits look like? Would you have any leads to offer the authorities?

When combined with your home security system, alarm monitoring ensures the quickest response to your home regardless of whether you’re on site. Learn why so many homeowners are opting for monitored alarm packages.

Immediate Protection 24/7

Whether you’re traveling for work, on vacation, or simply taking a quick trip to the store, your home is unprotected without some form of alarm. Regardless of your physical location, alarm monitoring tracks your home’s events via defined trigger points, from entry breaches to smoke detectors, while simultaneously alerting security staff of the event. This additional protection ensures that help will arrive as quickly as possible.

Help for Various Events

Burglaries are among the most common concerns for homeowners, but additional threats lurk in the form of fire, carbon monoxide leaks, and flooding. Even if you were to purchase different alarms for each event, they’re not helpful if you’re not around to hear them. Alarm monitoring offers peace of mind and protection from multiple residential dangers.

Difficult to Disable

Single alarms, such as motion sensor or fire alarms, are susceptible to tampering, damage, and failure to notify. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the malfunction, your life and property may be on the line. In comparison, monitored alarm systems are extremely difficult (if not impossible) to disable. Should a malfunction or drop in service occur, a monitored alarm system alerts your security provider immediately.

Integration with Smart Home Technology

As technology advances, home security solutions follow suit. Many monitored alarm packages, like our Smart Protect option, are integrated with smart home technology, which automates many tasks and processes. By linking the devices in your home to security and data solutions, you never need to worry about what’s going on when you’re not at home, where your favorite movie went, or whether your children arrived home safely. Smart home technology offers access controls via phone, tablet, key fob, and desktop computer to ensure that you’re constantly connected to your residence.

It’s Worth It

Many homeowners are tempted not to use monitored alarm systems because of the associated monthly fees. However, hearing a friendly voice on the phone or breathing a sigh of relief at the sign of help outside your door makes alarm monitoring worth the investment.

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