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Are Home Security Cameras Worth It?

Sep 22, 2022|

When it comes to home security and safety, the top three most popular smart home devices are all security cameras.

This isn’t too surprising, given that the best home security cameras can help protect your home inside and out.

If you’ve been considering security cameras for your home, you might be wondering if they’re really worth it. Here’s how to decide if surveillance cameras make sense for your home.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro.

Benefits of home security cameras

The first step in knowing whether security cameras are worth it is knowing the benefits they can provide to you and your home.

The benefits can vary widely depending on the surveillance camera’s features, but overall, some of the biggest benefits to having a home security camera system in your home include:

Let’s be neighbors.

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Deter crime

One of the most important benefits of home security cameras is their ability to deter crime, and there is research to back this up; in a survey of 422 burglars, security cameras were rated the most effective deterrent, followed by home security system alarms.

Surveillance cameras are effective at preventing break-ins because most burglars don’t want to risk their faces or vehicles being caught on camera—they’d rather get in and get out unnoticed. If a home has indoor and outdoor security cameras present, burglars are more likely to skip it.

Check on family or pets

Security cameras also let you check in on family members at any point. A video doorbell will show you exactly when your kids get home from school, while an indoor camera can double as a baby monitor or a way to check on an elderly family member.

Pet owners also use cameras to check on their four-legged family members throughout the day; in fact, one survey found that 82% of people who have security cameras use them to check on their pets while they’re away from home.

See what’s going on outside

Knowing what’s going on outside your home can be difficult, especially if you have a large yard or outbuildings. Outdoor security cameras let you keep an eye on your property day and night. Many are also equipped with night vision that provides excellent video quality, so you can clearly see if someone (or something) is on your property.

Some outdoor cameras can also be hooked up to floodlights to help illuminate the area if someone comes into the camera’s field of view. Cameras that use motion detection to initiate recording are also helpful, so you can watch footage later.

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere

It can be stressful to leave your home unattended when you go on vacation, travel for business, or even leave for work.

Advancements in smart security cameras mean you can check in on your home from anywhere via the camera’s mobile app. Wi-fi connected cameras can send notifications to your phone when someone comes into the field of view, so you can watch video footage in real-time.

Some cameras, including doorbell cameras and indoor cameras, also feature two-way audio so you communicate with the person on the other side.

Monitor specific areas

Security cameras can also give you added visibility to certain areas in your home and property. For example, if you have a swimming pool, you can place a smart security camera that alerts you if anyone goes into the pool area, allowing you to act quickly if needed.

You can also use security cameras to monitor outbuildings, like a shed that contains valuable tools and equipment.

Assist law enforcement

Security cameras can also be beneficial in assisting law enforcement if someone does break into your home, vandalize your property, or steal a package off your porch.

This is especially true with advanced camera features like facial recognition, HDTV recording, and night vision. Cameras that let you zoom in can also be helpful in identifying license plates or providing descriptions.

Peace of mind

One of the main benefits of smart home security cameras is the peace of mind it provides to homeowners. Whether you’re using your surveillance cameras to check on a sleeping baby or pet, answer your front door, protect your valuables, or simple deter burglars, knowing you have security cameras that let you see what’s happening at home at any time can help put your mind at ease.

Woman using the Vivint app to see her front porch from the comfort of her couch.

The best home security cameras for homeowners

There are many different types of security cameras on the market, and they’ve come a long way from the old CCTV cameras people used in the past. Today you can find anything from basic, no-frills cameras to more advanced wireless security cameras with all the bells and whistles.

Before we dive into features to look for in each type of security camera, there are a few basics your security cameras should have, including:

  • Video recording. This is a must-have for your home security cameras, as video recording will allow you to go back and watch clips at your convenience or access them at a later date.
  • Cloud storage. This is an important one if you have cameras that connect to your home’s wifi network. With multiple cameras recording throughout the day, you’ll need enough storage to store footage from each of your cameras, so you can access it any time you need it. Some cameras also use local storage via microsd cards, but these might not be sufficient for multiple cameras or extended recording.
  • Smart home device integration. If your cameras are part of your smart home security system, you’ll need to ensure they integrate with other smart home devices in your home.

In addition to the must-have features, you should also consider things like whether you want hardwired or battery-powered cameras, they type of battery wire-free cameras require (such as lithium or rechargeable), your wi-fi strength and whether or not your camera needs to be placed near your home’s router, and whether you can DIY the installation or need to have it professionally installed.

Now that you know what your cameras should have, we can take a look at the best security cameras. Your home surveillance system will provide the most comprehensive protection with the following cameras:

Video doorbell cameras

When it comes to home security and safety, video doorbells are the most popular smart home device (followed closely by outdoor cameras and then indoor cameras).

Video doorbells use two-way voice and one-way video so you can answer your door from anywhere, without the person on the other side knowing if you’re really home or not. They provide a view of your front porch, so you’ll also get notified when a package arrives or if someone comes to your door, even if they don’t ring the bell.

The Doorbell Camera Pro (Gen 2) has everything you’d need in a doorbell camera and more. It’s the only doorbell camera on the market that proactively protects you against package theft , a rising crime that affected 43% of online shoppers surveyed. Doorbell Camera Pro has Smart Deter, a feature that’s smart enough to detect your Amazon deliveries as well as lurkers on your property. If the camera spots someone trying to steal a package, it will play a tone and illuminate the camera’s LED ring, so the thief knows they’ve been spotted.

In addition, it boasts the widest and tallest field of vision of any doorbell camera with a 180°x180° field of view.

The Doorbell Camera Pro is a favorite among Vivint customers as well:

Quality of video and sound is excellent. Love the package delivery alert which allows me to set deter ON to protect from potential theft.


I love being able to clearly see and hear people that come to the door. Being able to talk to people at the door through the speaker is a bonus.


I love the doorbell camera. It shows everyone who walks by, weather they are coming to visit me or neighbors. I also, love how it rings as a normal doorbell and I can view from the wall pad or my phone.


Outdoor security cameras

If you want an outdoor camera that provides clear footage day and night, 4k HD footage, digital and HD zoom, and features that proactively deter crime, check out the Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2).

This camera’s standout feature is Smart Deter, the same technology used on the Doorbell Camera Pro. which uses a computer vision chip to identify lurkers on your property. If the person lingers too long, the camera will play a loud tone and illuminate its LED ring, getting the lurker’s attention and letting them know they’ve been spotted.

If your camera senses motion, you’ll also be notified on the Vivint App. Because the Outdoor Camera Pro also has microphones, you can even speak to the person through the camera. Automatic video recording also lets you go back and review footage at your convenience.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about the Outdoor Camera Pro:

I have 3 of these cameras around my house. I have excellent protection as I can see every area of my property. The quality of the camera is very clear and the night vision is impeccable. These are great cameras to have.


I love this camera! In fact, we were able to use the footage to help a neighbor 3 houses down who had their camper stolen. We could see them meet up, and hear them discuss their plans. We were able to share the footage with the police to track down the criminals. We were so happy we could help!


I like the way my camera alerts me with there is activity in the locations of the cameras. My alarm went off and all me cameras took pictures simultaneously, which I thought was great security.


I love this camera. It help me see a large area of my back yard especially the back door area. If I awakened to a noise, I can just look at back camera quickly and quietly.


Indoor cameras

Indoor cameras are useful because they can help you keep an eye on the most important things—the people inside your home.

Vivint’s Indoor Camera is ideal as a nanny cam, pet cam, or a way to keep an eye on an elderly or relative who has asked you to check in on them. The camera is motion-activated to begin recording when someone is detected in its field of view. Because it’s powered by an AC adapter, you don’t have to know how to install or hardwire it; simply unplug it and move it to a new location if needed.

The Indoor Camera also features two-way voice and one-touch callout, so you can communicate with your family and be easily accessible. If your kids need to get ahold of you, they can call your phone a single button and communicate right through the phone.

Our customers love the features the Indoor Camera provides:

Love having something to help keep an eye on my kids when they are playing in another area of the house. Being able to talk through it is cool!


The ability to move it around the house is great. Like that I can be called by someone from this camera.


Great product recommended especially for those with children or elders at home. Great way to communicate and check in

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2) on a home's exterior.

Bottom line: Home security cameras are worth it

Security cameras are an added layer of protection to your home and family—and that means priceless peace of mind for you.

Vivint has the security cameras you need to protect your home and family and keep you connected to them, no matter where you are. Contact us at 855.822.1220 today and let us help you customize a system with the best cameras for your home.

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