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Get the best smart home technology in Seattle, Washington

When it comes to protecting your home in Seattle, you would do anything to keep your family and assets safe. Vivint is the leading smart home provider in North America for very good reason. In fact, it is a leading provider in North America. With over 500,000 customers, Vivint is capable of providing you with a number of key benefits including energy savings on your utility bills, added security, and peace of mind. Having the ability to always be in control and connected to your home can mean everything to you.

The Vivint system revolves around the Vivint Smart Hub. When you install our system in your home, you'll gain the ability to access it from anywhere, either through the Vivint Smart Hub touch-screen panel, or the Vivint app. What makes Vivint different is its ability to do more than just allow you to program features and functions. Vivint Smart Hub adds an intelligence layer to the smart home system. That means it connects every component within the home into a simple-to-use communication network. Vivint Smart Hub gives you control over your entire home through a single user interface. That's empowering.

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Vivint takes home security to the next level

During Seattle’s cold, wet winters, it's nice to know you have an easy way to control your home's heating system when you are away from home to ensure it's ready to go for you. But, there's much more that our tools offer. Consider a few of these smart home security features.

  • A powerful outdoor camera with HD gives you the ability to see who's at the door when you are not home. It also provides on-demand access to 20-second video clips sent to your phone whenever motion is detected.
  • Door and window sensors notify you when your door or window is opened. These alert a central monitoring station to let you know instantly what's happened.
  • Smoke detector features on the Vivint are enhanced by industry-leading monitoring services available 24/7.

Plus the Vivint system doesn’t just secure you from crime. Our system includes smoke detectors and heat sensors that detect photoelectric energy to measure heat increases. If you're at work in Seattle, this gives you instant access to what's really happening at home so you can keep your most valued possessions protected.

Vivint Is the Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Seattle, Washington

We know that Seattle's weather can change at the drop of a hat, but that doesn't mean your home's heating and cooling bills have to skyrocket along with those changes. With the Vivint system, you get the level of control you need. What intelligence features (not just programmability features) can make a difference in your Seattle home?

  • Access your system remotely through the Vivint app. This allows you to adjust those thermostats, unlock your home's doors and even turn on the security system from any location.
  • The Vivint Smart Drive feature, an upgrade to the basic feature, store all recordings from your doorbell camera and security cameras, giving you the video you need to prove what happened or who was in your home.
  • With an easy-to-use system, everything is located in one user interface. But, that doesn't mean just one person is in control. Multiple users can be linked to the same account, allowing each family member the access they need. That's great for kids that may get locked out of the home after school.

And, you can manage all of these commands through voice commands—via Amazon Echo— your mobile app, or the control panel directly.

Upgrading to the Vivint in Seattle, Washington Is Easier Than Ever

It's a common misconception that it's too costly or too hard to add a smart home system to your home. The fact is, we're upgrading many Seattle homes every day. And, this isn't a system just for new construction. It's easy and very affordable to install a new system right into your existing home.

Vivint furnishes all of the equipment necessary for a best-in-class smart home! And, you can get fully connected and integrated with a smart home package with professional installation. Vivint Pros provide a highly effective, ready to go system is always installed according to manufacturer specs. Plus there's more:

  • We'll tailor the automation and security features of your home to fit your needs.
  • The cost of the system is about the same as most people pay for their smartphone each month.
  • Installation and servicing of all equipment is included at no additional cost.

You can get the best smart home technology right here in Seattle and you won't have to pay thousands of dollars out of your pockets to get the connectivity, security, convenience, and of course the peace of mind you need and want.

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