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Vivint systems make owning a home in Renton, Washington more manageable

Smart home systems are growing in popularity, but not all of them are created equal. The Vivint Service is a comprehensive, intelligent system that provides homeowners with the ability to do much more than just program a thermostat. The Vivint system can help you to improve security for your family, control your home from a distance, and reduce your energy costs without sacrificing your comfort. With Vivint you get peace of mind while saving money. These are just some of the reasons why over one million customers have made Vivint the leading smart home provider in Renton, Washington and all of North America.

The term ‘smart home’ implies intelligence that goes beyond the ordinary manual programming of yesterday’s home appliances. On the Vivint system, intelligence comes from the operating platform, Vivint Smart Hub. The Vivint Smart Hub bundles all your home's smart components together in a single networked communication ecosystem that users control through a simple user interface. Controlling your home on the Vivint Smart Hub can be done in multiple ways; either through the Vivint Smart Hub touch-screen panel in your home, the Vivint app, or through voice commands with an integrated Amazon Echo device.

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Vivint gives you a first-rate security system without a lot of hassle

At the heart of Vivint is the ability to help homeowners to find more security and peace of mind. On the Vivint system, security and smart home features work together to give you control no matter if you are at home or miles away. Though Renton, Washington may be a very safe community, it remains an area where people want to take every step possible to protect their families.

Some of the key devices that make this possible include the system's outdoor camera, which uses HD technology to create 20-second video clips sent as notifications right to your phone. Whatever happens around your property, you'll know about it, especially with the 90-degree motion detector component. Another key feature is the smoke detector, which not only provides 24-hour monitoring for smoke, but also uses a photoelectric detection technology that works to sense increases in heat. Also, the door and window sensor technology can let you know if someone is opening a back window or your child is getting into the medicine cabinet. It's more than just an alarm. Unlike other systems, you're notified no matter where you are.

Vivint Is the Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Renton, Washington

In Renton, Washington, one of the many goals people have is to reduce energy costs. As environmentally friendly people, many want ways to protect the environment while also gaining the benefit of improved energy costs within their home. Vivint offers this in numerous ways through an intelligent and programmable tool. For example, the Vivint system can help you to access your home's locks through the mobile app. If your child forgot his key at home, you can let them in and you can control thermostats, view cameras, arm security, and do much more all through the Vivint app.

Plus, you gain ample control that you customize. For example, you can allow multiple people to have accounts to access these controls. That way, you can limit access to some areas for kids. Creating custom rules is another form of intelligence this system offers. The smart doorbell is another key tool. It allows you to have two-way talk, 180-degree lens, HD resolution, and night vision all at your fingertips.

Upgrading to a Vivint in Renton, Washington Is Easier Than Ever

Perhaps the best thing about upgrading to a Vivint system is how easy and affordable it is. One of the common misconceptions about smart home technology is that only new homes can have it installed without major remodeling and retrofitting processes. In fact, there's no retrofitting, no major construction, and no major renovation necessary for you to get a Vivint installed in your home. Vivint Pros handle all installation for free. What's more, there's very little to worry about when it comes to costs. The Vivint comes with the equipment you need to operate this top-of-the-line system.

For Renton homeowners who are looking for ways to save money on energy bills, improve comfort and convenience in their home, and significantly improve security in Renton, Washington, the Vivint is available for about the same monthly service cost of a typical smartphone contract.

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