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Vivint Smart Home can provide Franklin, Tennessee homeowners with the latest smart home technology

Franklin, Tennessee may be one of the most laid-back places on the planet, but even if you are lucky enough to live in this historical town, your life can still be made simpler by converting your home into a smart home with a little help from Vivint Smart Home. With over a million customers Vivint Smart Home is North America’s number one choice for intelligent home development.

Franklin may be only 20 miles from Nashville but we know that you take pride in being 100 years from the big city, too. The people of Franklin enjoy the slower pace of life that small-town Americans once enjoyed. What if there was a way to take that relaxed way of life and make it even more comfortable and convenient. That is what our smart homes can deliver.

Imagine not only saving on your energy bill but being able to control almost every aspect of your home from locking your doors to watching your kids, even if you are nowhere near home. Imagine your home actually learning your likes and dislikes and automatically adjusting itself to make you happy. You don't have to just imagine all this. You can live it with a Vivint Sky equipped smart home

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Vivint Home Security Features and Benefits for Franklin, Tenn.

Compared to many other places in the area, Franklin, Tennessee is definitely a low crime area. But, as we are all too aware, bad things can happen even in good places. The same wealth of antiques and artwork that make Franklin a prime tourist destination also make it a prime target for professional thieves who know what is worth taking and aren't intimidated by older alarm systems.

Thankfully, these are the same people who do their best to stay away from professionally designed and installed alarm systems like those from Vivint. To them, it is much more profitable to seek a softer target than to take a chance on getting caught and going to jail.

Vivint security systems use a combination of:

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Door & Window Sensors &
  • 24/7/365 live monitoring
  • These aren't your run-of-the-mill components. Every item used in a Vivint security system is the best available in the industry. Just as an example, the Smoke detectors we use, not only detect smoke, they are equipped with photoelectric detection technology to sense increases in heat and sound a warning before a fire can start.

Vivint is the most intelligent smart home system in Franklin, Tennessee

At this point, you may be asking why we keep using the words smart and intelligent. Well, we say that our smart homes are intelligent because they are. They are not program and forget systems that will simply do as you tell them. They actually learn over time and adjust their own programming to maximize both your comfort and savings.

Beyond this, they are also the most intelligent choice you can make in smart home technology.

Here is just a partial list of the features you can incorporate into your Franklin home.

  • Vivint Smart Home App - Gives you total control of your home's system from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. Adjust your thermostat, lock and unlock your doors, and monitor your camera feeds even from the other side of the world.
  • Amazon Echo - Forget the convenient control panel or even the Sky App, control everything hooked to your system from small appliances to your entertainment system with simple voice commands.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™™ and Smart Locks - If your neighbor needs to borrow a cup of sugar while you're at work you can talk to them and even unlock your home to let them in and then lock up after they leave, even from miles away

Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Franklin, Tennessee is easier than you think.

Considering all that you have to gain:

  • Energy savings
  • Convenience
  • Security &
  • Insurance savings

You are bound to be wondering what all this will cost and how you can incorporate it into your home without having to completely rewire and remodel. Well, first, it will cost you about the same per month as you are probably paying for your mobile service.

Vivint Smart Home in Franklin, Tennessee will custom design a system to fit your home and needs and have your system professionally installed by our Smart Home Pros at no charge. Hard to believe, but it's true. You can take total control of your home and reap all of these benefits without shelling out thousands of dollars.

Over one million customers couldn't all be wrong, so why not join the smart home revolution today? Contact your Franklin, Tennessee Vivint representative and see how simple life can be.

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