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Iowa homeowners get safety, convenience, and energy savings when they upgrade their home control systems with Vivint technology

Smart technology has made life in the modern world a true joy, but that doesn't mean there aren't still headaches associated with all this technology. Sometimes just getting one device to work properly can be frustrating, not to mention getting a connected smart home system up and running easily. With Vivint, you can enjoy all the convenience of modern smart technology on a network that is coordinated, connected, and easily controlled. Learn what Vivint can do for your Hawkeye State home.

The major downside of any smart home device is the variety of control points required to operate multiple devices so they can work together in harmony in your home. With Vivint Smart Hub however, your home's complete networked device ecosystem exists on one control platform. Then the Vivint Smart Hub offers the following three ways of accessing controls:

  • Vivint Smart Hub—A WiFi, cellular, Z-Wave, and 345 MHz touch-screen panel that gets mounted inside your home, bundles your devices into one network, and connects directly to 24/7 monitoring services
  • Vivint app—A top-rated app on The App Store that puts the same Vivint Smart Hub dashboard on your smartphone or tablet
  • Amazon Echo—A voice-activated control hub that will lock doors, adjust temperatures, arm security systems, or play music at your command

When you use the Vivint Smart Hub or our mobile app for Android and iOS devices, you get access to the top-of-the-line service that only comes from Vivint. Our smart home experience is second-to-none and is covered by our in-house, 24/7 monitoring service that supports all of the alarm systems in your home.

Security systems from Vivint help Iowa homeowners sleep more peacefully

Just because Iowa rests in the nation's heartland doesn’t mean Iowa homeowners don’t think about home security. A burglary happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. and natural disasters can happen anywhere, at any time. Vivint security systems offer top-of-the-line devices to keep your home truly safe; not only from crime, but also the more unseen problems.

Whether you're at home with the kids watching a movie on a Friday night or have escaped those cold, blustery Iowa winters with a vacation somewhere sunny, you can keep a close eye on everything going on at home. Features and benefits of Vivint alarm systems include:

  • Outdoor security cameras: Our HD quality, infrared night vision cameras provide you with visibility, even when you're away. The cameras capture 20-second video clips whenever motion detectors capture movement. The clips are stored as on-demand videos you can access through the Vivint app.
  • Motion sensors: In use with the cameras and separately, the detectors feature 90-degree look down so intruders can't get by the system. Whenever a detector is triggered, you get a notification through Vivint Smart Hub.
  • Smoke detectors: Our integrated smoke detectors are backed by 24/7 monitoring. If alarms go off we'll notify authorities immediately and our photoelectric detection technology can even capture increases of heat inside the home.
  • Security sensors: Go beyond locks to use our window and door sensors that are triggered immediately when opened. They can even be used to secure medicine or liquor cabinets in the house, and like the motion detectors, they send a notification to you through Vivint Smart Hub.

Vivint creates convenience and intelligence for Iowa homeowners

There are many imposters, but only one Vivint. There are a myriad of companies that promise you smart home technology, but many competing devices are simply programmable objects on a network that lacks intelligence. Vivint technology isn't just programmable, it's genuinely intelligent and can learn your behaviors and patterns to adjust on its own to help save you money while keeping your home safe.

Examples of some of our intelligent features include:

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro—The world's smartest doorbell camera lets you see, hear, and speak to people at your door whether you're home or not. You'll receive a mobile notification each time the doorbell rings, and you can view live video of the individual before you even respond.
  • Vivint Smart Thermostat—No more programming dumb thermostats that turn on and off or increase and decrease the temps at set times. Our thermostat is the perfect blend of comfort and savings, lowering the temperatures during those harsh winter days so your gas bill doesn't skyrocket to heat a home no one is using and then automatically warming your home in the evening to the temperature that you prefer.
  • Amazon Echo—Pairing your Iowa smart home with Amazon Echo, you can even control items such as the lights and small appliances, lock the doors, or arm your system with your voice. Now when you come home with arms full of grocery bags, all you need is your voice to turn on the lights.

Now's the time to upgrade to Vivint technology in Iowa

There's no time like the present to upgrade to our truly intelligent smart home technology and alarm systems. Vivint can provide you with all of the devices and equipment you need to get started! We will also offer professional installation from our Smart Home Pros. Any additional servicing needed to integrate third-party devices is also no problem. You can now get Vivint smart home technology installed professionally for about the same price you pay for your monthly smartphone service. Let us help you save money while improving the convenience of your most important investment and protecting your family.

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