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If someone told you that you could reduce your utility bill, improve your home security, and always be connected to and in control of your house, would you be interested? Because those benefits are what Vivint Smart Home provides to the residents of Lawton, Oklahoma. On the Vivint Smart Home system, you get the convenience and security of controlling everything through a single user interface on the Vivint Sky Control panel or the Vivint Sky mobile app, the top-rated and most downloaded smart home app in The App Store. From the Vivint Sky dashboard, you can adjust the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, and get real-time access to your security camera feeds. Plus, all those features are bundled together into Vivint's in-house monitoring service package with industry-leading response times.

When it comes to upgrading to a smart home is many consumers worry about integrating new components into the system. What if isn't perfectly compatible? With Vivint Smart Home, you don't have to worry about that. The Vivint Smart Home system is compatible with Z-Wave, WiFi, cellular, and 345 MHz components. That includes Amazon Echo, and Nest Learning Thermostat. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, Vivint Smart Home Pros provide white-glove-level service. Our expert installation and maintenance teams service all of the equipment and system bugs in your smart home, because we believe that owning a smart home should be a hassle-free experience.

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The Unique Benefits of Vivint Smart Home System

Ding dong! Someone's at the door. Could be a neighbor dropping by, or it could be a door-to-door salesman. Fingers crossed that it's Girl Guides selling cookies! Thanks to the Vivint Doorbell Camera, you can see who's at the door without leaving the couch. Or maybe you're stuck at the office and your kids just got home from school but they can't remember the passcode. Using the Vivint Sky App, you can unlock the door for them from wherever you are, whether you're at the office, out of state, or even on vacation. you can lock and unlock your door with ease. Vivint Doorbell Camera is perfect for accepting packages when you're not home.

Of course, we're all too familiar with the skyrocketing utility bills. But thanks to the Vivint Element Thermostat, you can reduce costs while optimizing your home for comfort. While you're driving home from the office, the Vivint Element Thermostat is self-adjusting to your preferred temperature. While you're braving the icy roads and snow drifts of Lawton, your smart home is warming up for your arrival. And in the summer, you don't have to leave the air conditioning on all day—it'll cool things down just before you arrive.

Other benefits include Amazon Echo integration, surveillance cameras, and security sensors that you can monitor all on your smartphone.

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The Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Lawton, Oklahoma

The first thing you have to understand about smart homes is that there's a difference between intelligent devices and devices that are just programmable. A programmable home simply follows pre-set routines. An intelligent home is able to react to immediate commands, learn user preferences over time, and respond to different situations. For a home to be intelligent enough to be called a true smart home it requires a centralized control hub that bundles all devices together into one communication ecosystem. Through this system, you can control your house by using a mobile app, voice commands, or a control panel.

Your Vivint Smart Home is intelligent. It learns and adapts to your preferences and you can modify it at any time, from any location, by using the Vivint Sky App. Get off work early on a blustery winter day? Tap a few icons on your smartphone and your smart home will be nice and toasty by the time you arrive. Need to turn off the alarm so your sibling can drop something off inside? You're just a touch away. And that's the beauty of a smart home—you don't need to be there to control it.

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Upgrading to Vivint Smart Home in Lawton, Oklahoma is easier than you might think

Here's the best news so far. Upgrading to a smart home doesn't require a major investment. Contrary to popular belief it's surprisingly affordable. When you sign up for a new service subscription in Lawton, Oklahoma, Vivint Smart Home furnishes all of the equipment you need to have a best-in-class smart home. Professional installation is also included, so you're not stuck spending your weekend trying to figure out how everything is supposed to work together. Finally, any equipment servicing that's required is included at no additional cost. You don't have to worry about re-writing your existing home components, and you don't have to give yourself a headache trying to connect your wireless devices to your home network. Instead, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let us connect everything for you.

Your Vivint Smart Home service will be unique to you. We'll sit down with you, discuss your needs, and develop a customized smart home package that fits you and your family. And the cost? No more than you would pay for your smartphone.

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