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Common Misconceptions About Alarm Companies

Protecting both person and property is very important to homeowners. Upon reading reports on burglaries and other residential crimes, a concerned homeowner explored options to install alarm systems. People do, sometimes, subscribe to five common misconceptions about alarm companies. Perhaps it is time to check out these five misconceptions and shed a bit of light (and truth) on them.

Top Myths and Misconceptions Exposed

  1. The average person cannot afford to sign up with an alarm company.

    Alarm companies are designed for the average person! If alarm companies only catered to the uber-wealthy, then they would lose the bulk of their customers. In fact, many companies go the extra mile to lower costs, like offering deals on equipment and installation.
  2. Alarm companies set up a system, but do not provide any follow-up service.

    If anything goes wrong with an alarm system, the servicing company is surely going to help out. When problems arise with the alarm system, just place a quick call to the company. Alarm companies want to be sure their clients are both happy and well taken care of.
  3. The alarm company’s lawn sign tells burglars you have numerous valuable items in the home.

    Some think the sign from an alarm company on a property is a welcome mat to burglars. After all, why would you have an alarm system on your property unless you had something of value? Well, when a house is protected by an alarm system, a burglar is probably not going to be interesting in breaking into the residence. Burglars are only successful when they can do their job undetected. Once an alarm goes off, a burglar has lost every element of stealth he previously enjoyed.
  4. Professional burglars know how to overcome alarm systems.

    A lot of pop culture images exist in the minds of many people. The “old movie cliche” of a burglar using shears to cut phone and alarm lines is one. The “high-tech” crook who employs master hacking skills to shut off an alarm system is another. Honestly, most burglars are low-level petty thieves looking for merchandise to sell for quick cash. They do not possess any of the sophisticated skills necessary to shut down an alarm system.
  5. High-tech alarms and other security equipment are too sophisticated for the average homeowner.

    Modern alarms are very easy to operate and designed for the “non-techie” homeowner. The design and engineering of security systems may be sophisticated, but the ability to operate the devices is pretty simple. You do not need to be a technological wizard to feel comfortable with a decent security setup. Plus, during the installation, the homeowner will be given a basic overview of how to operate the alarm, camera, and other security components. If any questions arise, just ask them during the installation process. Of course, customer service reps are available to answer any other additional questions you may have.