The rising do-it-yourself culture can be fun and empowering for homeowners, and even save them money. However, while some projects are fairly simple and straightforward, others require professionals to do the job right.

According to Angie’s List (, a website that aggregates verified consumer reviews of service companies, 83 percent of their members go the do-it-yourself route because they want to save money. The poll also found that one in five who attempted a DIY project still had to call in a professional to finish the job, and in many cases, undo the damage they had done.

Home automation is one area where professional installation and service are definitely worth the investment.

Jay Zalewski lives in one of those iconic Victorian homes in San Francisco. Built in 1898, the house has a variety of quirks that made installing his home automation system challenging. “I thought that getting my system up and running would be a quick and relatively easy process,” he said. “Boy was I wrong! Because of the way my home is set up, it’s difficult to get wireless access in many areas. During the installation we hit several snags, including challenges with some of my home’s older electrical components. Thank goodness Vivint’s installation technician was well trained and patient. It required several attempts, but he took the time to customize the system to work in my home. There’s no way I would have had the time or expertise to install it myself. I’m so happy with the way Vivint’s system is working in my San Francisco home that I’m getting one for my rental property in Lake Tahoe as well.”

Vivint customer Raymond Izaac loves knowing that his home automation has been installed correctly, and that he has the ongoing professional service to back it up. “Trying to install a home automation system myself would be like buying a new car without a warranty,” he said. “With Vivint, I know I’ve partnered with a leader in home automation that has a proven track record. I didn’t even have any worries about my system being installed correctly, and the price was really affordable. And the 24/7/365 customer service and live monitoring guarantee means I won’t have to worry about it in the future.”

“For features like a smart thermostat, proper installation and set up can mean more energy savings and lower electric bills,” said Josh Houser, Vice President of Service and Inside Sales at Vivint, one of the nation’s largest home automation companies in North America. “And for security features like smoke and CO2 alarms, glass break monitors and motion detectors, having them work the right way—all the time—can mean the difference between keeping your home and family safe, or suffering serious losses.”

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