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Vivint Review: Helping Me Build the Smart Home of My Dreams
"I've only just scratched the surface of what [Vivint] can do, but it's already been able to help me along in the process of building out the smart home of my dreams."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Review: Purging Pesky Porch Pirates
"A lot of awesome packed into one package."
"The demand for peace in mind and security is prevalent" - VVNT CEO on Increase in Spending on Home Improvement
"We have a proprietary platform that we built out, along with the hardware and technologies we install inside the home. It’s important to us to control that ecosystem end-to-end, and that’s a major differentiator."
This Stock Defied A Down Week For Smart Home Stocks
"While most smart home stocks dropped after their June-quarter earnings reports this week, Vivint Smart Home (VVNT) perked up. VVNT stock rose Friday after the company delivered a better-than-expected second-quarter report."
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Review: Your Guardian Awaits
"Security cameras are typically passive protectors. But watching out for people and warning them off is another level of defense."
Vivint Smart Home Security System Review
"This is the smartest and safest that my home has ever been in the 20 years that I’ve lived here."
Vivint Smart Home is Integrating Chamberlain’s myQ Garage Door Technology
"The Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Door Controller is our longtime top pick in its category, and now Vivint Smart Home has partnered with Chamberlain to offer the product as part of Vivint’s professionally installed smart home systems."
Redefining Security: Why Most Smart Home Systems Are More Bark Than Bite
"Security needs a redefinition. It's time to change our expectations of what we think security is and what it should do. It should be proactive, not reactive. It should focus on prevention, not just awareness."
Best Nanny Cams of 2020
"Vivint Ping: the best monitored indoor security camera."
Vivint 2020 Review
"Control nearly every smart home feature at the touch of a button."
The House That Cried Wolf: Why Smart Homes Need to Be Smarter
"Just like the villagers in Aesop's Fables who eventually stopped believing the boy who cried wolf, if your smart home starts sending you too many notifications, pretty soon you'll tune it out."
Vivint Smart Home Review: An Excellent All-In-One Smart Security System
"This 'Do It All For You' smart home security system is the most comprehensive professionally installed smart home/security system available today."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Review: Sophisticated Front-Door Security
"This is the best video doorbell we’ve tested."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Review
"Best-in-class image quality, extremely wide viewing angles and excellent package-detection capabilities."
Best home security systems of 2020
"The best in smart home security."