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Best Nanny Cams of 2020
"Vivint Ping: the best monitored indoor security camera."
The House That Cried Wolf: Why Smart Homes Need to Be Smarter
"Just like the villagers in Aesop's Fables who eventually stopped believing the boy who cried wolf, if your smart home starts sending you too many notifications, pretty soon you'll tune it out."
Vivint Smart Home Review: An Excellent All-In-One Smart Security System
"This 'Do It All For You' smart home security system is the most comprehensive professionally installed smart home/security system available today."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Review: Sophisticated Front-Door Security
"This is the best video doorbell we’ve tested."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Review
"Best-in-class image quality, extremely wide viewing angles and excellent package-detection capabilities."
Best home security systems of 2020
"The best in smart home security."
The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Combats Porch Piracy with Smart Security
"The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has a 180-degree field of view both horizontally and vertically, allowing users to see the faces of guests and packages left directly below the doorbell. The doorbell can automatically detect the presence of packages. If it detects someone attempting to steal a package, the Smart Sentry feature will activate a flashing red LED and trigger a warning tone to let the thief know they’ve been spotted."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Calls Out Wannabe Thieves With Flashing Lights, Alarm
"Another standout feature is how the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro can recognize when a package is delivered to your home’s doorstep. If someone comes by to steal it, the doorbell will be smart enough to recognize the act of theft, and try to stop it by flashing a red LED light or blaring a warning tone to tell the culprit they’ve been spotted."
Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Automatically Protects Your Packages
"My favorite trick, however, is to have Deter turn itself on when it detects a package. When the Doorbell Camera Pro sees a package delivered, it will take note, switch to Deter mode and keep you updated if someone comes to your door after the delivery."
Best Home Security Systems of 2020
"Best full-service home security and automation solution."
Best Home Security Systems: Professionally Installed Cameras and Alarms
"The Vivint Smart Home system is one of the most sophisticated and customizable systems on offer."
‘Blank-Check’ Companies Are Hot on Wall Street. Investors Can’t Ignore Them.
"Of recent SPACs, one to keep an eye on is Mosaic Acquisition (MOSC), which raised $345 million in a 2017 IPO and struck a deal to acquire Vivint Smart Home from its majority owner Blackstone."
Vivint Smart Home CEO Talks Smart Home and SPACs
"Bloomberg TV talks to Vivint Smart Home CEO Todd Pedersen about 'one of the largest SPAC deals ever.'"
Luxury Decor Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything
"There is no better gift than constant peace of mind, which is exactly what you get when your home is secure. What could be more practical? Vivint has every smart home bell and whistle anyone would need, including cameras, sensors and other home automation products."
Top Career Tips for Aspiring CIOs
"Technology is at the heart of every business that’s great and if it’s not then you’re probably not a good company," says Joy Driscoll Durling, CIO of Vivint Smart Home. “The role has evolved by taking technology and turning into a strategic asset for a company and it permeates every aspect of company."
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