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5 Things I Think About CES 2017
"I continue to be impressed with Vivint and their understanding of what the customer needs and wants—fundamentally a simple, full-featured, integrated system that they don’t have to think or worry about putting together."
Smart home innovator Vivint announces new AI assistant and unique Airbnb partnership
"After revealing collaborations with the accommodations giant Airbnb, solar leader Vivint Solar, and Citizens Bank, Vivint also lifted the veil on its new smart device secretary, Sky. Perhaps equally as impressive as the announcements was Vivint’s own CES booth, which showed off its array of smart-home gear and highlighted the new additions. "
With new A.I. home assistant, Vivint says 'The Jetsons' future we’ve been waiting for is here
"'If we really wanted to we could call this Rosie,' Warren joked, referring to the Jetsons' robotic housekeeper. 'It's that robot for the home but it's not hidden. It's that experience we've been promised for decades on TV but nobody's delivered it.'"
Meet Sky: A Smart Home System That Really Learns Your Preferences
"If you leave the house, Sky will note based on sensors in the home, that no one is there. The system will ping you and ask if it should arm the doors and security devices—or just do that for you, and alert you that it's done. "
Meet the AI that wants to control your smart home
"Forget to lock your front door? No problem. Sky is supposed to know when everyone's left the house and can either ask if you want to lock the door, close the garage door, etc., or do it for you. Leave the heat on? Don't sweat it. Sky should auto-adjust your thermostat based on whether you're home or away."
Vivint and Airbnb join forces to protect your rental
"New and existing Vivint customers should be able to link to their Airbnb account through the Vivint Smart Home app for Android and iPhone. This will allow Airbnb hosts to check in on their home remotely on the app. They should also be able to make any needed adjustments to their keyless entry, energy consumption and security settings."
Vivint’s Sky is an effort to turn the remote-control home into an actual smart home
"While the term 'smart home' has been in use for years, Vivint chief strategy and innovation officer Matt Eyring says so far the technology has been closer to a 'remote control home,' referring to the fact that you needed to use an app or control panel to make anything happen. With Sky, Vivint is trying to make the home itself smart and adaptive, so you don’t have to control it manually."
Ping In The New Year With Upgrades From Vivint
"When I wrote about Vivint earlier this year, the only monitored security company out there that's also a one-step-shop to buildin' a smart home, I mentioned that they were working on a 'Canary with steroids' two-way communication camera, the Ping. Well it's finally out and it's everything I was hoping it would be."
The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017
"This soup-to-nuts system has door and window sensors, door locks, glass break detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, light switches, motion and water detectors, smoke/CO alarms, thermostats, a video doorbell, and more. It features a well-designed mobile app and a 7-inch control panel that lets you communicate with a live representative when an alarm is triggered. "
You Don't Have To Build Your Tech Company In Silicon Valley
"Vivint has grown into one of the largest "smart home" businesses with over 650 million in revenue last year alone. With a 100 million dollar investment co-led by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, you would think Vivint would be located in the place where all hot tech companies survive and thrive - Silicon Valley. Not so! Vivint is building this burgeoning tech juggernaut out of Provo Utah."
Data Dive: Porch Pirates crash the holidays
"A survey last year by found that 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them. In a study just released by Vivint Smart Home, which sells home security systems, 49 percent say they have adjusted their schedules to be home for a delivery and 46 percent have changed the way they receive packages."
The Best And Worst States For Business 2016
"Utah’s growth prospects are strong in part because of a burgeoning tech sector. ...In April, PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, along with Mitt Romney’s co-led venture fund Solamere Capital, announced plans to invest $100 million in Provo-based Vivint Smart Home."
The remote home: there are now many ways to monitor kids and home from afar
"Wi-Fi-enabled video cameras in the home might be old news, but the Vivint Ping camera is the first two-way talk camera with one-touch call-out. For example, children can press a button on the camera to let mom know they’re home from school. Or dad could ping the camera from his smartphone to make sure the kids fed the dog."
Vivint security system keeps watch with help from Alexa
"If you're looking to jump on the smart home bandwagon while also protecting your home from fire and theft, then Vivint is an attractive package – especially considering that someone will come to your home and set it all up for you."
6 Back to School Basics for your Smart Home
"“If you need extra assurance that all is well at home, complement the smart door lock with doorbell cam. Vivint offers one that can be added to the door let you see who’s knocking—even before your kids do.”"

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