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The Best GPS Trackers of 2019
"Vivint Car Guard is a great way to streamline your tracking and home security."
How to Pick the Right Smart Home Hub for You
"With the Vivint app, you can control everything that goes on in your smart home and even check in on cameras and sensors while you're away at the office or on vacation."
Vivint Smart Home Security Review
"We spent nearly two months testing the Vivint home security system and found it to be the best option currently on the market today. "
A love story about a departed sibling and the tech that helped protect her during her final days
"There are lots of relatively inexpensive options for everything I needed...but I had all I could do to manage her care, organize her house, deal with her pets and do my own work...I just couldn’t do it. So, I called Vivint."
14 Things Smart Homeowners Do Before Going on Vacation
"'Use an app to set a schedule that will automatically turn your smart lights and lamps on and off while you’re away to make it appear that someone is home,' says Jeff Lyman, chief product officer at Vivint Smart Home. 'This can help deter lazy criminals who are looking for an obviously vacant home and don’t want to risk encountering anyone.'"
The 7 Best Home Security Companies of 2019
"Best Overall: Vivint Smart Home"
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Improves Protection
"Smart Sentry is a game changer."
These high-tech home upgrades are smarter so you don't have to work harder
"The new Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro steps up its home guardian game with built-in 'Smart Sentry' technology."
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Review
"If you are not a Vivint customer, this camera could make you want to become one."
5 crazy AI-powered gadgets that think for you
"My favorite gadget of the year so far, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can sense when someone is on your property. It will then play a whistle sound and snap a picture when the intruder looks at the camera. Brilliant."
Vivint Smart Home edges out University of Utah as 2018 patents champ
"Vivint topped the annual Utah Genius Awards rankings released last week with 74 U.S. patents earned last year for technology advancements, mostly focused on in-home automation and so-called 'internet of things' innovations."
Vivint's New Outdoor Camera Pro Helps Stop Thieves Before They Strike
"The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro knows when someone's lingering on your property. When it detects an event, it lights up a ring on the camera and plays a sound to get the person's attention. As that's happening, it's sending an alert to your phone."
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro knows the difference between bad guys and someone strolling past
"The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro has a 140-degree view, night vision, plus a 4K HDR sensor to provide 1080p live streaming and recording, even if someone zooms into the picture. License plate numbers, details on someone's face — all are easily seen and readable."
Vivint’s latest home security camera is infused with artificial intelligence
"The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro protects your home with the power of A.I. Unlike some smart home cameras that can easily be triggered by just about any movement, Vivint’s latest smart device can differentiate between the innocuous and the suspicious activity that needs your attention. That means no more alerts from passersby or cars coming down the street."
The Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2019
"Speedy event response. Excellent video doorbell. Offers remote control of door locks, cameras, thermostats, and sensors. Responsive touch screen. No lengthy contract required."
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