SPECIAL TO CES — LAS VEGAS (January 4, 2017) — Today at CES 2017, Vivint Smart Home, the leading smart home services provider in North America, introduced a comprehensive intelligent home with Sky, the first true smart home assistant. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Sky can automatically manage the connected devices in your home, including your locks, lights, thermostat and security system.

“Consumers want more than an intelligent device – they want an intelligent home,” said Matt Eyring, chief strategy and innovation officer at Vivint Smart Home. “The real magic comes when multiple devices work together throughout the home in an intelligent way, creating a single, cohesive experience.”

Sky takes full advantage of the greater number of sensors and devices that are part of every Vivint smart home system, an average of 14 per home. Sky’s machine learning algorithms use data from these sensors, as well as from mobile devices and system usage, to provide intelligent recommendations and take action to streamline the home experience.

The benefits of an intelligent home with Sky include:

Worry-free security – With Sky, you can leave your home without worrying if you’ve locked your doors or armed your security system. Sky uses the data from your sensors and devices to understand whether your home is occupied or vacant. For example, if no one is home, Sky reaches out and asks if you want to lock the doors, close the garage or arm your system. Sky can also automatically do these things and let you know they’re done.

Intelligent energy management – Using its advanced occupancy detection and prediction engine, Sky automatically adjusts the temperature to be comfortable when you are home and to conserve energy when you are gone. Intelligent energy management can help save 10 to 15 percent on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Sky adapts to your routine – Sky can take a wide range of actions based on an understanding of your daily routines such as waking up, leaving, returning and going to bed. For example, Sky can predict when you go to bed and automatically manage temperature and security settings. Sky learns not only your routines, but also your preferences, based on your interactions with it. As a result, Sky can automatically transition from making a suggestion to just taking an action once it has enough confidence in your preferences.

Sky communicates with you via the Vivint Smart Home app and the Vivint SkyControl panel in your home. Sky also takes voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa. You control how Sky works for your home, including if and when to send notifications, ask permission or automatically take action.

To experience a Vivint intelligent home with Sky at CES, visit booth #41620 at the Sands Expo.

About Vivint Smart Home Vivint Smart Home is the leading provider of smart home services in North America. Vivint delivers an integrated smart home system with in-home consultation, professional installation and support delivered by its Smart Home Pros, as well as 24-7 customer care and monitoring. Dedicated to redefining the home experience with intelligent products and services, Vivint serves more than one million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit www.vivint.com.