Vivint Offers Tips on Using Smart Home Technologies to Keep Your Family Safe                                    


PROVO, UTAH Home automation or “smart home” technologies are more affordable and easier to use than ever before. In addition to giving customers more control over energy consumption and increasing convenience, home automation technologies also offer an added layer of security.

In conjunction with National Safety Month, Vivint, one of country’s largest home automation companies, offers tips on ways to use smart home technologies to keep your house and family safer:

1.     Video Cameras

Video cameras have been used for years to monitor doors, windows and other vulnerable areas. Today’s smart phone applications can be programmed to send alerts when cameras are triggered by motion and remotely monitor intruders and delivery personnel. This technology also allows you to remotely monitor your home at any time through lives feeds, providing the option to check in on children who are home alone. 

2.     Automated Door Locks

Today’s automated door locks let you issue personalized entry codes and track the entrance and exit of visitors, home service workers and family members. Remote control features even let consumers lock their doors when they’re away. No more lost or misplaced keys or trips home to make sure the door is secure.

3.     Door Sensors

Accidental prescription drug overdoses can happen with even the most common medications, including aspirin and Tylenol. In addition to detecting intruders, door sensors placed on medicine cabinets, gun cabinets and other sensitive areas can notify consumers whenever a door is opened.                                                                                                   

4.     Small Appliance Controls

It’s easy to forget to turn off toaster ovens, curling irons, irons, electric heaters and other appliances that can overheat and trigger damaging fires. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential appliances cause about 9,600 fires and $211 million in property loss each year. With small appliance controls users can turn appliances on and off remotely using their computer, smart phone or web-enabled devices like an iPad.

5.     Severe Weather Alerts

From severe thunderstorms to tornados, automated in-home severe weather alerts are often quicker than neighborhood sirens, which rely on human beings to relay the alarm.  In critical situations, a few minutes can make a big difference in getting your family to safety.

“A core part of our business has always been keeping families safe and secure,” said Josh Houser, vice president of customer service for Vivint.  “Home security systems are good foundations. Adding these new smart home technologies to a basic security system can add even more layers of protection, helping consumers live safer, smarter and simpler lives.”

About Vivint

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