Donation to Help Families with Growing Need for Food Assistance Along the Wasatch Front.

PROVO, Utah -- APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. one of the nation's largest residential security alarm companies, is pleased to announce that it has contributed 18,761 pounds of food and other related items, making it the largest corporate donation in Utah Community Action Services Food Bank history.

"With this drive, APX Alarm wanted to provide food and supplies to as many families as we possibly could," said Lindsay Grauling, APX Alarm Vice President of Operations. "When our employees found out that the largest donation ever made to the Community Action Food Bank was 17,000 pounds our competitive spirit kicked in. Our employees generously donated food, money and time going door to door collecting items. We are so proud of their efforts and grateful for the opportunity to provide supplies to help meet the needs of so many families."

The food bank reports that it has seen a 43% increase in families using its services this year due to rising fuel prices, the slumping housing market and unemployment reaching new highs. Food stock reserves have been severely impacted during the summer months. As a result, the food bank is continuing to ask for the community's help to feed those individuals and families in need.

"The recent donation by the employees of APX Alarm Systems was significant because it was the biggest food collection ever given by a business to the Community Action Services Food Bank," said Jim Thomas, Community Action Services Food Bank Director. "In particular, the sugar, flour, rice, bathroom tissue, and diapers were especially helpful inasmuch as we seldom have these items."

"We give out food boxes to 500 families and 200 senior citizens each week. Thanks to APX and others in our community for helping us to fight against hunger in Utah, Wasatch, and Summit Counties," said Thomas.

The Community Action Food Bank is the second largest food bank in Utah. They distribute more than 2 million pounds of food annually to thousands of people and many local service organizations throughout Utah, Wasatch and Summit Counties. They also provide food on a regular basis to more than 30 other agencies along the Wasatch Front.

About APX Alarm

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