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Who porch pirates are and 3 ways to thwart them

Written by: Vivint Smart Home Team

There is a broad window between the delivery of your package and you bringing it inside. This is when thieves strike. These porch pirates prey on deliveries left on the doorsteps of suburban homes.

Lucky, there are several simple solutions to keeping your online orders safe. Here are 3 simple steps anyone can take to fight back against package theft.

1. Pickup your packages

We understand the point of home delivery is convenience. Unfortunately, if someone steals your delivery, you will never receive your package at all.

When shopping online with a brick and mortar dealer, pick up your purchase in-store. Not only does this save on shipping, it ensures your product is always in safe hands.

Shopping through a major online shop where delivery is the only option? Have the package delivered to your place of work or the post office. The important part is keeping your package off the porch. If your online order is never alone, thieves cannot take it.

2. Leave detailed delivery instructions

Sometimes you need to have your purchase delivered to your home directly. In this case, leave detailed delivery instructions. Here are several keys to leaving an effective note:

• Make your instructions short and concise. Confusing the delivery driver leads to frustration and possible abandonment of your package

• Be clear about where you want the package placed. Simply saying “behind the fence” leaves a lot of room for interpretation

• Find a spot away from the front door. Every package thief is going to take a quick look around the front porch

3. Digitize your doorbell

The most effective way to prevent porch pirates is to install a doorbell camera.

Most doorbell cameras activate upon sensing movement. Some cameras even send notifications to your phone when activated.

Vivint Smart Home’s doorbell camera also features two-way talk capabilities. This allows you to guide delivery drivers from anywhere using your smartphone.

A stolen package is enough to ruin anyone’s day. Fight back against the porch pirate epidemic and ensure your online purchases always make it home safely.

Learn more about how you can protect our home. Contact the security experts at Vivint Smart Home today.