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Vivint systems are a perfect fit for Evington, Virginia homeowners

Nestled southwest of Lynchburg along Virginia State Route 24, Evington is a small community with big things going for it. While it's historically significant, it is also on the cutting edge of modern living. Vivint is the leading smart home provider in Evington, Virginia, and it's easy to see why. The smart home gives residents the chance to have significant savings on their energy bills thanks to several customizable features, and it also offers the peace of mind that comes from being connected and in control of home security through the smart home system.

The Vivint Smart Hub is the intelligence layer of the Vivint system. Unlike other alarm systems that are merely programmable, Vivint's proprietary smart home platform brings all your smart devices together in a networked communication ecosystem. In fact, Vivint Smart Hub places you fully in control of all the components of your smart home through three different channels: the Vivint Smart Hub panel, the Amazon Echo voice control system, and the Vivint app.

In addition to the Vivint Smart Hub, the smart home offers the following:

  • Vivint customers enjoy access to top-of-the-line devices that are superior to the subpar, plastic components that other providers have available.
  • Vivint ensures that the smart home experience is a pleasure. Vivint Pros are dedicated to offering free, professional installation and a quick, easy set-up for the system.
  • Vivint also offers industry-leading response times from their in-house security monitoring team. Knowing that you have a security team always ready to help ensure the safety of your family and property can provide peace of mind.

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Impressive home security features of the Vivint system

The crime rate of Evington, Virginia, is lower than the national average, but it is not insignificant. Vivint security systems allow you to protect your family and property in several different ways. In fact, it can empower you to check on your home and the well-being of those in it from anywhere in the world. The Vivint Smart Protect Security system sends text or email alerts to your phone to keep you informed of any potential threat to your home, whether it's a prowler or smoke within the house.

The following equipment can help put you firmly in control of your home security:

  • Door & Window Sensor: Vivint Door and Window sensors alert you immediately if somebody opens a door or window while your alarm system is armed. It also lets the central monitoring station in on the situation, so you are not alone in handling the problem.
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: The Vivint HD security camera can be placed anywhere outside, and it will send notifications when motion is detected. The footage can be accessed in 20-second video clips at any time.
  • Motion Detector: The Vivint motion detector utilizes infrared technology to offer you a 90-degree view and look down when motion is detected. It helps ensure that intruders can't simply avoid places where the cameras are placed.
  • Smoke Detector: You don't have to worry that smoke will go undetected while you sleep or while you're away. The Vivint Smoke Detector connects to the expert monitoring team that's available 24 hours per day on every day of the year. It detects smoke and senses any increases in heat, as well.

Also worth mentioning is what you don't have to deal with as part of these alarm systems.

  • Phone lines are not necessary for the Vivint security system. Instead, the Vivint wireless home security system connects to the monitoring systems through cellular technology.
  • You're not committed to only using certain equipment. More equipment can easily be added at any time as you learn about what you want and need from the smart home system.

Plus, the Vivint allows you to keep tabs on your pets when you're away from home, too. You can make sure that they are doing okay and not getting into any mischief. It can also allow you to make sure that automatic pet feeders are working as planned, so you can call for help from friends and family members if needed while you're away.

Why the Vivint is the Right Fit for Residents of Evington, Virginia

With its humid, subtropical climate, the summers in Evington, Virginia are often very hot and humid. That doesn't mean that you have to choose between coming home to a cool home every day after work and having an affordable energy bill. Instead, the Vivint learns to auto-adjust settings around your schedule and habits. So, for example, it can learn to turn on the air conditioner at just the right moment so that it cools down the house before you arrive home from work each day. Through learning your routines and optimizing energy consumption based on what they are, it can maximize your comfort, convenience, and savings.

The Vivint can also do a variety of tasks that can make your everyday life easier, and it empowers you to do the following.

  • Control the lights in your home and your thermostat directly from your smartphone.
  • Lock and unlock your doors when you're away from home. Never worry whether you locked up when you left for vacation again
  • Turn small appliances on and off from your smartphone. That way, you don't have to come all the way home from work if you fear that you left your coffeemaker on
  • Control the settings so that your kids can also be on your account with only limited access.

Upgrading to a Vivint in Evington, Virginia is Easier Than Ever

With over a million customers, Vivint is the leading smart home provider in North America. Given that fact, it may come as little surprise to you that residents of Evington, Virginia are embracing this new way of improving their quality of life. After all, home automation and security systems can be tailored to fit your specific wants and needs. You get the smart home you want in the way that you want it.

You can have immediate access to leading smart home technology right here in Evington, and the costs of the Vivint are around the same as most people pay for their smartphone. Upgrading your house to a full smart home is both convenient and affordable.

The high quality of the installation and servicing of the equipment will wow you. Our Smart Home Pros are there to professionally install your fully connected and integrated smart home package. You don't have to worry about retrofitting existing home components because the team takes care of everything. That allows you to focus on what matters to you and you can get the customized smart home setup to meet your exact needs.

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