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Chesapeake, Virginia homeowners can get the latest smart home technology from Vivint Smart Home

Retain control of your home as you work or travel by installing a Vivint Smart Home system. Smart home technology will give you peace of mind because you're always in touch with your home security system. You can also control connected components within your house, increasing security by turning lights or televisions on and off while you're out of town or double checking that appliances are off. Comprehensive control over home elements such as lighting and HVAC units also let you regulate use to reduce energy costs.

The maximum benefits come from the installation of an intelligent system rather than one that simply runs on preprogrammed commands. With over one million customers, Vivint Smart Home is the leading intelligent smart home system in North America and your best choice in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Vivint Smart Home system runs with the Vivint Smart Hub as its brain. Vivint Sky gives you

  • Control over your home via an in-home touch-screen panel, a mobile app, or Amazon's Echo voice control system.
  • Smart Assistant that learns your preferences adapts to your routines.
  • Industry-leading response times from Vivint's security monitor team when your alarm sounds.

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Better Home Security Features with the Vivint System

It can offer special peace of mind for homeowners that live in tourist or coastal locations such as Chesapeake, Virginia. Tourist areas can be targets for break-ins, and you can't always rely on neighbors to keep an eye out when you aren't home because your home or property might border rentals or timeshares.

Vivint lets you choose from a variety of applications and components to customize home security and smart home functions. If security is a critical need, consider opting for outdoor cameras that capture HD-quality images. You can access 20-second recorded video via in-home monitors or your mobile device so you always know what's going on outside of your home. You also don't have to keep checking or monitoring the video feed while you're out trying to have fun or get work done because the system notifies you if something happens.

Other options you might consider in and around your home include motion detectors and window sensors, both of which reduce the chance of a break-in and let you respond proactively to dangers. Door and window sensors also let you know if a small child is exiting the home, and a smoke detector keeps your family safe from more natural dangers.

Vivint is the Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Chesapeake, Virginia

Weather is generally mild and enjoyable in the Chesapeake area, but the city does experience bracingly cold winter days and hot, humid summer days during the year. Vivint's smart home features let you adjust the climate inside your home to combat uncomfortable weather outside without blasting your energy bills through the roof. Log in from any location via your mobile device to adjust temperatures to warm or cool your home before you arrive home instead of leaving temperature settings running at max all day. Smart home controls also let you:

  • Unlock doors for visitors when you're not home
  • View cameras to keep an eye on pets, children, or your property
  • Ensure lights or other appliances are turned off after you leave for the day
  • The Vivint system lets multiple people control the home from remote apps, so the entire family can get access. Rules-based access lets you limit the control that kids or other family members have, ensuring you don't get caught up in a battle of setting changes.

    It's Easy to Upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home

    You can easily upgrade your existing Chesapeake, Virginia, home without breaking the bank. Vivint makes it possible to outfit your home with intelligent control and security functions at an affordable cost. First, Vivint offers a variety of products to begin a smart home upgrade. Installation and equipment servicing are also available, which means you can rely on the professional maintenance and setup of Vivint.

    Professionally installed and maintained smart home systems offer more benefits than out-of-the-box devices that you have to install yourself. The Vivint Smart Home is installed by professionals who tweak it to meet your needs and the parameters of your home; the installation techs can also ensure that the smart home components won't unnecessarily interfere with other technology in your house. You won't have to worry about retrofitting or rewiring, integrating third-party devices or taking time off work to get the job done.

    All of these benefits can be yours on a monthly basis for a surprisingly affordable rate. For many homeowners, the cost of a Vivint security system is comparable to the cost of a smartphone -- with an equal amount of benefit!

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