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Vivint Smart Home can provide the latest smart home technology to Clinton, Maryland homeowners

Most everyone knows that horrible feeling of getting to work and worrying about whether you locked the front door or turned off the lights. From the time you start wondering, you can't think of anything else. Say goodbye to getting anything done at work that day. A Vivint Smart Home system can prevent those dreaded moments, plus keep your home running smoothly and efficiently, even when you are away.

Vivint, the leading provider of smart home systems in North America, has more than one million satisfied customers scattered throughout the United States and Canada. Our systems are fully integrated and can be accessed from a number of points; your smartphone, a voice-activated Amazon Echo system, or the in-house SkyControl panel. Our systems are not just programmable, but they use intuition to get to know your habits and make adjustments to your HVAC systems, lights, and other systems accordingly.

You don't have to be rich and famous to be able to afford a smart home system. For about what you pay each month for your cell phone service, you can unleash the peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor and control your home services and devices, even when you're away.

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Home security features and benefits of the Vivint system

The unexpected storms that often batter the Clinton area can cause most homeowners to worry about damage to their homes and property. With a Vivint Smart Home system, you can take a peek at your home and yard, see that everything is fine and get back to work without being distracted by what is going on at home.

We customize your smart home system to meet your exact needs. Just a few of the devices you can include in your system include:

  • Outdoor cameras—Our HD, infrared security cameras give you a clear, day-and-night picture of your property.
  • Motion detectors—A 90-degree look down sensor that detects everything that passes by.
  • Smoke detectors—You don't have to worry about fire, either, with a Vivint Smart Home system. We monitor your home for smoke AND sudden heat increases, 24/7/365.

At Vivint, we believe every household should be able to afford the peace of mind and security that comes with a smart home system.

Vivint is the most intelligent smart home system in Clinton, Maryland, U.S.A

While security is certainly a major reason for investing in a smart home system, it is only one of many ways that such a system can benefit your family.

  • Saving energy—By being about to adjust your thermostat remotely, you'll lower your family's carbon footprint while saving money on your natural gas and electric bills.
  • Convenience—A smart home system can also save you steps, by allowing you to adjust your thermostat without having to get up and go to another room or by letting you set your security system without having to do downstairs at night.
  • Comfort—By allowing you to adjust your HVAC systems remotely, you can make sure that your home is at the optimum temperature when you arrive home without your wasting energy to keep it at that temperature while you are away.

What's more, a Vivint Smart Home system uses intuition to get to know your habits and preferences. Unlike a programmable system that only does what you tell it to do, a smart home system can actually anticipate your needs.

Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Clinton, Maryland is easier than ever

Contrary to what many believe, smart home technology is not just available to owners of brand new homes. Our Vivint Smart Home systems can be retro-fitted to virtually any home in the Clinton area, from century homes to mid-century ranch homes to 10-year-old homes.

You don't need a lot of money to get started. We provide all of the equipment you need $1,500 worth—for free. We also install your system for free and handle the regular service and maintenance at no additional cost. With our system, you know what you're going to pay each month. There are no surprises.

For about what you pay each month for your cell phone service, we can give you the peace of mind, energy savings, and convenience that comes with a smart home system. What are you waiting for?

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