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Vivint provides the smartest home security system in Alaska

Alaska homeowners can now enjoy the security, convenience, and efficiency that Vivint home security and home automations systems provide.

As the highest rated home security system in Alaska, Vivint provides peace of mind through award-winning technology and 24/7 professional alarm monitoring. From preventing package theft and notifying you when your kids get home, to reducing your monthly energy bill, there are many advantages of a Vivint smart home.

It's easy to customize a smart home security package for your home. Vivint is not only the leading smart home provider in North America, but one of the most popular and effective smart home security solutions in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, and Wasilla, AK. We're making it easier and more affordable than ever for Alaska residents to upgrade their homes with one of our cutting-edge systems.

Protect your family, pets, and belongings with our state-of-the-art alarm systems. Add your personalized choice of smart home devices to your system for even more control and convenience.

With Vivint, everything in your home is connected, making it easy for you to manage. Your security is monitored around-the-clock by a dedicated team of professionals. Then we give you three different ways to manage your home.

  • Vivint Smart Hub - A single, 7" HD touchscreen hub connects and controls your entire smart home with an intuitive interface and crisp, clear video.
  • Vivint app - Control your home from anywhere with our top-rated mobile app. With our security cameras, use live video to check in anytime and easily secure your home from anywhere.
  • Voice commands - When you're at home, you can use your Amazon Echo or Google Home to arm or disarm your security, adjust lights or temperature, lock doors, and more.

Vivint also comes with 24/7 professional alarm monitoring and offers a host of smart home benefits perfect for Alaskans, like smart water sensors that detect any rise in moisture levels or drop temperature and alert you before a flood happens or pipes freeze.

Join over 1 million homeowners coast to coast who have made the switch to Vivint.

Here's why you need a Vivint home security system in Alaska

While you may think that living remotely in Alaska protects you from most crime, home security in Alaska is about more than just burglaries or break-ins. With extreme weather conditions and wildlife, a Vivint system can also protect you and your family from fires, floods, frozen pipes, carbon monoxide gas, notify you when an animal is detected on your property, help you save energy, and make it easy to manage and monitor your entire home from anywhere. Vivint home security Alaska takes care of so much more than just burglar alarms:

  • Protect the exterior of your home with security cameras. Like a video doorbell that actively protects packages and lets you speak to visitors from anywhere using the Vivint mobile app. Or the Outdoor Camera Pro which sends lurkers running with light and sound.
  • Use our security sensors to get notified immediately if anyone tampers with personal aircraft doors, gun cabinets, game freezers, or more.
  • Learn when plummeting temperatures are about to cause freeze or moisture problems for your home or its pipes with our Vivint Water Sensor that detects any activity beyond set safe parameters. We can warn you of flooding in basements or other rooms, too.
  • Get warnings for carbon monoxide caused by furnaces or fires caused by electrical malfunctions or boilers. In an emergency, our monitoring team can call the help you need, even if you have a volunteer fire department.

Another major benefit to Alaska homeowners is how Vivint can save you money. For starters, homeowner's insurance rates typically drop when you install a smart home security system. Additionally, the Vivint Smart Thermostat learns your energy usage habits and auto-adjusts to save energy. Now you can manage energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Homeowners can see up to a 12% difference on their electric bills over time. Can any other Alaska security companies say that?

Make it easier to manage your home with Vivint

Unlike most Alaska security companies, which offer disjointed products that don't include an intelligence layer, Vivint features a wide range of smart devices that connect on one platform, designed to protect you and simplify your household.

One of the greatest features of a Vivint system is that you can personalize everything. Only pick what you need to improve your lifestyle. Then, control your chosen devices with voice commands, from the Vivint Smart Hub control panel in your home or from your Vivint app.

  • Vivint Security Sensor - Security sensors notify you whenever protected doors and windows are opened. Use sensors on kids' rooms, medicine cabinets, or gun cabinets, too.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro - See, hear, and speak to people at your door from anywhere with two-way talk. Get delivery notifications, visitor notifications, and see who's on your doorstep from your smartphone.
  • Vivint Indoor Camera - Want to know what's going on at home while you're away? Need to check in on your kids or pets? Do both with the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. Check in on home, easily save and share auto-recorded clips, and chat with people or pets in your home right through the camera, with the Vivint app.
  • Vivint Smart Thermostat - Manage even the coldest winter energy bills with our smart thermostat without sacrificing comfort. The smart thermostat learns about your lifestyle and makes adjustments to save you money on energy.
  • Vivint Water Sensor - Protect your home from harmful water damage and pipe freezing during low temperatures. You'll get notifications when temperatures drop or moisture levels rise beyond set safe parameters, inside or out.

Each of these devices (and more) make it easy to manage the functions of your home, while providing you with total peace of mind, Vivint smart home automation and security systems are completely customizable, and you can add whichever products best suit your home, budget, and lifestyle.

Find peace of mind with Vivint smart home security Alaska

Enjoying a safer, smarter home in Alaska is now easier and more affordable than ever with Vivint. For about the price of your mobile phone bill, we can set you up with a security system, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring from our award-winning support team and other smart home devices you select.

We take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Just one phone call with one of our Vivint professionals is all it takes to customize your system according to your needs. Then, one of our certified installers will set up your system and show you how to use it. Installation is easy, and it doesn't take very long, so you'll start enjoying your system right away.

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