Glass Break Sensor


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The Vivint Glass Break Detector recognizes when glass has been broken and sounds an alarm if your system is armed, notifying 24/7 Monitoring.

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Product features

  • Battery powered for easy installation and repositioning

  • Receive immediate alerts when a glass break is detected

  • Accurate glass break detection

  • 20′ radius without walls and 360° horizontal sensing

One app for total control

With the Vivint app you can turn on the lights, unlock the door, control the temperature, and see what's happening on your front porch, anytime, anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change the batteries in the Vivint Glass Break Sensor?

The Vivint Glass Break Detector requires two CR123A batteries, which last three to five years. The smart sensor comes with battery instructions, and Vivint support is available if you need help with a battery change.

How does a glass break sensor work?

A glass break sensor detects when glass is broken and sounds an alarm when your security system is armed. Glass break sensors work by detecting either the sound of breaking glass or by the vibrations made when glass is broken.

The Vivint Glass Break Detector also responds to the shock and vibration of a window or glass door being broken. It listens for the initial blow, and then the glass noise or acoustics that follows. The glass break detector’s dual-shatter recognition won’t mistake a tennis ball that hits the window for an intruder. It analyzes the frequency, force, and timing of the break sound, which makes the sensor more accurate and minimizes false alarms. Learn more about the Vivint Glass Break Sensor and other security sensors.

How much does a Vivint Glass Break Sensor cost?

As part of a Vivint system, the Vivint Glass Break Detector costs $100.00 one time or pay for it over time for as little as $1.67 a month.

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