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Guymon, Oklahoma homeowners can get the latest smart home technology with Vivint Smart Home

Protecting your home with an alarm system isn't something you should trust to a provider who can't offer it all. Sure, you can purchase smart home technology in bits and pieces, installing Bluetooth front door locks controlled by your smartphone and using Amazon Echo to play music while you cook. Why not get it all, with unmatched control, through intelligent smart home technology courtesy of Vivint? More than a million customers currently enjoy Vivint Smart Home technology, and it all starts with the intuitive control and intelligent technology in our Vivint Smart Hub. Vivint Sky is the intelligence layer of Vivint's proprietary smart home technology, and it bundles all your smart home components together in a networked communication ecosystem that is easily controlled through a singular interface.

What does all this mean? It means that your intelligent thermostat, front door locks, motion sensors, and cameras can all be easily controlled from one spot in your home. Vivint Sky offers:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface through the Vivint Smart Hub panel or via Vivint Sky's mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Comprehensive voice controls are available through Amazon Echo.
  • Smart Assistant helps with temperature management in your home.
  • Access from anywhere, on the go, with Vivint Smart Home App.

Vivint Smart Hub comes standard with all of our Vivint Smart Home technology or alarm system security packages. With Vivint Smart Hub, you get best-in-class components to control your networked smart home devices, and assistance from Vivint's in-house security monitoring team when needed.

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Home security features and benefits on the Vivint Smart Hub

Vivint Smart Home technology isn't just available to help you create a better, interconnected ecosystem of devices, but also to help you secure your home. Whether you are in your home or not, Vivint Smart Home can help ensure that your doors and windows are monitored, smoke detectors are monitored, and that you are alerted whenever something is amiss.

Vivint Smart Home puts more eyes in place and gives you peace of mind when you can't be home that your belongings are safe and your home will be there when you return. Our smoke detectors are supported by Vivint's in-house security monitoring team. Our photoelectric detection technology senses increases in heat in your home, and smoke detectors are supported by our 24/7/365 monitoring team.

Other benefits of Vivint Smart Home services go beyond protecting the physical structure of your home to include:

  • Integrated Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: Our HD cameras record and store 20-second clips on a DVR when motion is detected. You can even receive notifications when motion is detected, view clips remotely, and see in the dark with our infrared technology.
  • Motion Detectors: With the help of infrared technology, our motion detectors offer 90-degree look-down to ensure no intruders escape our view.
  • Door & Window Sensors: These sensors are monitored centrally and can send notifications to you and our security team whenever the system is armed and triggered.

A smart home system that offers intelligent service and flexible use

Vivint Smart Home technology is different than the competition because it's not just smart, it's intelligent. Any programmable thermostat can promise to be smart technology by delivering control over hot/cold times in the house or even the ability to access the unit remotely. Only Vivint Sky and our Vivint Element Thermostat can help you actually save money during those warm summers in Guymon, Oklahoma.

With Vivint Sky, you can access your Vivint Element Thermostat from your bed using the control panel or from the office on your mobile device. Too warm for sleeping, just a few swipes and the AC kicks in for cooler weather to sleep by. Element isn't just programmable and adjustable, it learns your habits. If you leave every day at 7 a.m. for work and return by 6 p.m., it will learn the adjustments in temperature and start to automatically turn the AC off when you leave and kick it back into high gear before you get home.

This way you aren't wasting money cooling a home no one is in. Get off work early? No problem, you can cool your home down earlier by accessing Element on Vivint Sky through your mobile device.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your home with a Vivint Smart Home System

More and more modern homes are being built with smart home technology in mind, but that doesn't extend to every home in Guymon, Oklahoma. Right now though, Vivint makes it possible for every homeowner to enjoy the safety, security, and money savings of Vivint Smart Home technology at an affordable price.

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