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Supply Chain

A fast-paced, growing company has a lot going on behind the scenes, and the Vivint Supply Chain department is involved in all the details: unit cost, lead times, inventory turns, spend optimization, and developing our products from beginning to end. Ours is the team that does everything from shipping product to our service reps to developing strategic supplier relationships that affect the entire business. And with that kind of responsibility, we’re always on the lookout for organized negotiators. Join our team and be part of the inner workings of an exciting, groundbreaking business.

"I spend a lot of time talking to our suppliers; whether on the phone or via email, trying to find better prices, reconcile issues, or find new product altogether. We also work very closely with most teams here at Vivint in helping them get the items and products they need to be successful."

Steve | Buyer, Direct Materials

"My day revolves around pleasing my customers, negotiating contracts, reducing costs, placing orders and being flexible for the next project that pops up."

Barbara | Commodity Manager

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