Be Green, Save Money With a Smart Thermostat

Be Green, Save Money With a Smart Thermostat

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Lauren B. Stevens

If you’ve ever used a programmable thermostat, you’re likely familiar with the frustration that results from the lack of user-friendly features. A temperature dip or increase can create chaos when you try to override or reprogram your thermostat’s set schedule. One of the main purposes of having a Vivint smart thermostat in your home is usability. Not only are you able to make adjustments remotely, it’s easy to reprogram your thermostat, especially when compared to a standard model.

Reduce remote clutter

Smart thermostats work directly with your table or smartphone. It’s as easy as downloading your smart thermostat’s app. No need to use a separate device to make sure that your home is always the right temperature no matter where you are.

Stop wasting energy

Smart thermostats make it easy to create a heating and cooling schedule and make adjustments along the way. If you’re curious about upcoming weather, Vivint’s thermostat page shows you the forecast three days out, so you’re able to adjust ahead of time. Vivint’s thermostat offers an energy-saving template that recommends several temperature schedules that can be easily adapted to fit your lifestyle.

Control from anywhere

The thermostat schedule is easily adjusted according to weather fluctuations and your comfort preferences. If you’re out of town and the weather changes drastically, you certainly don’t want to waste energy heating or cooling your vacant home. You can adjust your thermostat to suit changes in your schedule. You can adjust your heat or air while you’re away from your home, so that the temperature will be perfect when you get there.

Save more money

A smart thermostat generates reports that help you maximize your energy savings. If your smart system includes motion detectors and door sensors, your thermostat will compile data about the most active times in your household, which you can use to inform your thermostat schedule and settings.

Now that you know how easy smart thermostats are to use, it’s time to get started. Call Vivint today to learn how one can change your home for the better!